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Zoom vs Skype: Why choose one over the other

Video calls came into our lives unexpectedly, the new situation caused by COVID-19 made that work, meetings, school, relationships, etc. bring about people needing to use software for video communication.


There are many options for video call apps even there is software with more advantages. In this blog we are going to talk about Zoom and Skype, this is the most popular software programs for video calls.


Video calls on Zoom or Skype are used in remote classes or teams in the home school, these platforms offer different services such as video calls, chat, message, host meetings, or webinars.


The decision to choose one over another can impact the performance of the students, when you are seeking the best option you see there are not huge differences between each one. For this reason, we bring to you a list you may consider choosing the best option:

Video Quality:

One of the most important factors is the video quality, the reason why aren’t you wanting to look pixelated in an important conference with your teachers; or when you are teaching for students in home school.

In this characteristic Zoom and Skype can stream up to 1080 p video, the only inconvenience is your data connection and you must have an HD camera. The data traffic for Skype is a 1.2Mbps connection for high definition calls and Zoom is a little higher at 3Mbps at its highest settings.


You should know that Zoom default sets active 720p video calls, you can configure the high resolution 1080p in the settings, otherwise, 720p video is still great. As for audio quality, you should have an excellent microphone for good quality audio in the video call.


Participants limit:

No doubt the participants’ meeting influenced the decision to select the right video call software, but we have two options in both software programs the free or paid use.


The free version of Skype offers limits to 50 participants in any device and if you paid the subscription for Microsoft Teams it is possible to have up to 300 people in a video call for work, class, etc.

Zoom offers video call meetings on the free plan up to 100 participants and if you paid Zoom Room you can get that number up to 1,000 participants in one video call or meeting.


The best option for teaching is Zoom, most of the schools have classrooms with 50 students or more and in the paid version you can create workgroups for the students, with this feature the teachers can create dynamics during the video class.

Sign in with any account

There is a difference with this characteristic, Skype lets you create meetings with other users even when they do not have an account with his server, but you must have installed the app on your device for receiving an incoming video call. Zoom meeting link can open even a browser


The way that you can receive the video call, it is the host or the meeting organizer sharing with you the unique link for the meeting, you can invite anyone else. Sometimes the meeting organizer makes a private video call, in this case only the meeting organizer can let you in the video call with his approval or passcode.


With this characteristic, any student can enter the video call, listen and watch the class of the day, also can participate with his classmates and teacher


Similar features:

Zoom and Skype in his service have services in common, such as screen sharing, meeting recording, chat, and more. Some users qualify Zoom as the best option when it comes to services in the app and the software. Skype features do not integrate a good user experience, the description of the users of these features is very negative.


Device compatibility

On this topic, both Skype and Zoom have amazing compatibility with any device, operating system, or browser. Also, the participants of the meeting can use any device for the video call and there is no excuse for not taking a video call.


Zoom and Skype invest many resources in security, but the truth is there are many client’s complaints related to a stolen id. Constantly both invest in internet security, updates software, improves encryption, and more.


Which is the best option?

Skype and Zoom are very similar. They are both great options, the difference is in the purpose of the meetings and the use of the features.


But the price may be the difference, unless that you use the video call apps for work both software programs offers a great plan in the free version. Zoom offers the advantage that the free version allows 100 participants in video meetings compared to Skype only allows 45 participants in a video meeting.

The importance of incorporating video conferencing software in teaching. It’s an innovative solution for new experiences and improving communication in Work, life, business, and more.


Now you have all the information to choose the video calling platform that best suits your educational institution and you know the advantages that this will bring to increase your educational enrollment.


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