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What is the meaning of the SEO acronym?

The firsts search engines started in 1990. When Google appeared they became in a boom on the internet. Then the businesses thought the useful way to make money with it. The traffic was more important for the websites and the optimization was being born. Now that you already know how began the SEO is time to answer the next question.


What is SEO?

The meaning of SEO acronym specifically is “Search Engine Optimization” is to make that your page appears at the best position of Google or any other Search Engine. These results are completely organic.


The SEO has had a lot of changes from the start, in the beginnings were not as many websites as now. Now that there is a lot of sites talking about similar topics the SEO strategy is each time more complemented and is harder to get positioned.


There are two basic factors in the SEO, authority and relevance.



The authority is basically how popular is the website. When more visitors are the popularity ups and if you share high value through your content, blog, videos, templates, strategies among other things your content is shared by the users creating a world of mouth. 


These factor the search engine takes in count to position your web and attract more netizens to it.



It is the relation that has a search with the content. It is not only the keywords looked for, there are more factors of SEO on page that interfere on the results. The relevance works with the Google search robots, they track the webs and analyze the content. 


To make authority and relevance work requires a plan, strategy, time and experimentation.



The SEO has two important areas:

SEO on page:

The SEO on page is about all the work that you can do on your own page. There are a few of factors to analyze in SEO on page. 



The keywords make that your content be located in an easier way and that has relation among them. 


An example of this is adding words that are part of the context of the topic. If we are talking about virtual classes the words that can be useful are “School”, “Teacher”, “University”, College”, “Class”, “Education”, “Subject”, “Studies”, “Tests”, etc.


For this we have to make an analysis of the keywords and see the search volume to accurate the results.


HTML Tags: 

The structure of an article is important, is not just write about something and post it. The structure that is necessary to optimize is the next:


  • <H1>  The title of the article:

Can be just one in all the articles that encompasses what is going to talk about the blog and is recommendable that has the keyword.


  • <H2> Is a subtitle of the article:

Could be more than one in all the article. This insight could be used to involve strategically more keywords about what is going to talk.


  • <H3> Another subtitle:

Could be more than one. Could be used to involve keywords inside one H2. There are more tags like H4, H5, H6… but there are not always necessaries.


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Images Optimization:

Another factor of SEO on page is the image optimization, this is about how google read or interpret an image. To make it work we have to add an HTML tag to indicate what is shown in the image.


The code to insert is: <img src=”URL of the image” alt=”description of the image”>. There are some CMS that let to insert the information with [alt text] of an automatic way.


SEO off page:

SEO of page is about to create a strategy of techniques focused to get external links that point to our web for a better position on the search engine.


The principal actions to make it work are:


The blog add value to your website and entertains to your buyer persona, this generates a connection with the people and calls the attention of possible clients. This can help to other sites surround us.

Link Building:

Is being in blogs with more authority and that mention our site. This may be achieved with a good relation with the others contacting them by email and obtain benefits with the relation.


Why is the Search Engine Optimization Important?

The most important reason is because you need to make your page useful for users and search engines. Even the search engines are not able to see the content as a user, and they don’t care about the algorithm of optimization both are important and collaborate to position it in different ways.


The SEO is the best way to attract traffic from users organically. Builds credibility to your brand, creates a better experience for users on the site, impacts on the buying cycle and is the cheapest way to grow up.  


In conclusion the SEO acronym is from what it is about the search engines, even it is full of things than it sounds. If you want to position on google get prepare for think, plan, create and do.


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