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What is industrial advertising? [with basic guide]

To understand what industrial advertising is, first we have to talk about industrial marketing. According to an article published by Hardvard Business School, «Industrial Marketing is the marketing of goods and services to commercial companies, government, and other nonprofit companies for use in goods and services that they, in turn, produce to resell to other industrial customers. «

So, going back to what is industrial advertising? We can say that it is the way to communicate with the industrial markets, the message and the means used to convey the advantages and benefits of your product or service.

However that is a definition of a book, in practice things are not so simple. Companies increasingly resemble one another and it is important to know how to manage your marketing well to reach your ideal customers and achieve your business objectives. For this you must ask yourself the following:

What is industrial advertising … in YOUR company?

Sure you are thinking «it is the same here and in China …», but that is our problem today, we see everything very general and that’s why all the companies sound so similar; We do not think about how to make the experience better to our prospects so that they become clients (with joy and enthusiasm). To answer you, what is industrial advertising in YOUR company? Consider the following points:

A. Define your strategy 

Unlike B2C (Business-to-consumer) marketing where you sell the final customer directly and have a larger market (at least in appearance), in industrial marketing you are talking to companies and not only that, with people from different positions, which means that each one has different concerns and goals to fulfill (even though it’s the same company! … and I’m sure you’re nodding because it’s already happened to you).

So first of all you must define who is your ideal client to define your message and ideal medium according to the type of people you must convince.

B. Consider the purchase process

By this I mean that people go through 3 stages before making any purchase decision. They are usually defined as:

  1. Exploration (define your problem),
  2. Consideration (evaluate your options and define your criteria),
  3. Decision (where they already have their top 3)
  4. and Action (they already buy).

Generally it is a process that is only considered by Inbound Marketing. A type of marketing focused on the customer, to provide value for each of its decision-making stages and in this way (through the help) to show why we are the best option. This value is transmitted with content, call ebooks, articles, guides, whitepapers, infographics, webinars, among many others; Due to the nature of this industry, the ideal is that it is more specialized content to obtain the following benefits:

  • Distinguish yourself from the rest of the suppliers and position YOUR company
  • Show that your company knows what it talks about
  • Provide value when solving doubts, problems and / or concerns

In the end, what is sought with industrial inbound marketing is that this, in a commercial way, is translated into:

  1. Succeed in qualifying prospects
  2. To make your commercial team more willing to contact leads (prospects) because they already have a background of what the lead looks for and their chances of achieving a business increase.

C.  Measure how your strategies work

At the end of the day what every company looks for is that each peso invested returns. For this it is important that the means you have chosen allows you to efficiently measure your conversion percentage from impact to interested, from interested to lead and from lead to client. Why? because this will allow you to detect what is not working in your commercial process, according to which stage of the funnel they are stuck in and you can correct it. You must be as objective as possible (and there is nothing more objective than numbers).

Many traditional mass media such as the spectacular, magazines, and fairs, to name a few, do not allow you to objectively measure their effectiveness, because it is impossible to really know how many people saw us, at the same time that it is not a very segmented advertising (as its name implies). he says, they are massive media).

In summary…

So recapitulating: What is industrial advertising? the message you transmit to your market; and you should consider: 1. the profile of your ideal client, 2. the correct message and medium, 3. the power to objectively measure your strategy in order to be able to optimize it. Remember to choose well what type of marketing you will use, because the traditional one is usually very intrusive, sometimes complicated to measure, and diverts resources.

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