What else is my website for? Understand your market and grow

Have you ever wondered what a Web page is for? If you are an entrepreneur or business owner, you probably have noticed that more and more companies have a Web page, and that being present on the Internet is becoming in something indispensable, but it is very important to know the functions and what can be achieved with a Web page, and not just use it merely to follow the trend.


First thing’s first…

So, the first thing you have to ask yourself and analyze is the market to which your product or service is aimed, that is, to know your client perfectly; for this I highly recommend using the Buyer Persona methodology that can be very useful to know the demographic and psychographic profile of your target client. If you do not have a clear profile of your client, you will probably not choose the appropriate means of communication. So, first analyze by what means your target client searches for more information and how they look for it.


Objectives and functions of a Web page

Once you have analyzed the profile of your client and the appropriate means of communication to reach him, the interesting part comes. If your client really looks for information and options through the Internet, incorporating or using a Web page as part of your sales strategy is a smart step to take.


The objectives and functions of a Web page vary depending on the objectives that the company has with it, that is, if your company is looking to position itself through this medium, the actions to follow to achieve it would be to use a good content strategy and have a good SEO.  If you are interested in knowing more about SEO and how it influences the positioning of your website, I recommend the following two articles by our Hubspot friends. : What is SEO and how to improve your position in search engines ?, and 100 Tricks to position your Web in Google as a champion.


On the other hand, if what you are looking for as a company is to increase sales through your website, I highly recommend you to use Call To Action (CTA’S) and Landing Pages. Whatever the intention of your Web page, you should offer the facility to people to be able to contact you, so what is the use of your page being well positioned if it does not help you sell?


Analyze your client through your website

Once you have read the above, the more likely you are wondering now is; Is this all I can do with my site? What is my website most useful for? What would happen if I told you that you can get relevant information about your client about what interests them most about your product or service through your website?


Well, I have good news if you can analyze your target market through the Websites, but how is this done? To begin with, the first thing you have to understand is that your website can become your biggest marketing asset and your best seller, because for most people the Internet is the first place where they look for information. More importantly, people who seek information through the internet have already gone through 70% of the sales process, which means that they already know what they need to buy to solve their problem and are looking for different options.


Knowing this, the design of your website is critical, and by design I do not mean only images and style of the site, but it must be designed to sell, get information from the people who visit it, in a few words , it must be designed to adapt together with the demand.


For this I present the term «Web Design focused on growth», this is a new approach that allows Web pages to be versatile and get useful information through them, and that this information can be implemented within your marketing strategy and sales


Unlike traditional design, the design focused on growth has to change constantly based on what is observed that customers are looking for, there are several tools that can help you analyze this, an example is MouseFlow. This means that if tools such as MouseFlow show that customers are more focused on product A than on product B, this means that you have to make some changes to your Web page that will help you highlight the product that People want more.




As a result, we obtain a Web page that adapts to the market and obtains relevant information from it. Traditional Web sites last approximately unchanged for two years, however, with the new design, these changes can be made every week, fortnight, etc., obtaining as a result a greater impact on your Web page and in your sales.

If you are interested in learning more about the functioning of Web Design focused on Growth I invite you to read our Ebook «4 Steps to convert your Web page in your seller # 1», which you can download below: 

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