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What are Zoom reviews saying about the software?

The world is going through a new reality where you have to be constantly informed in technological aspects, for this reason video meetings have become very important in the educational and business sectors.

Zoom the new way of meeting:

Thanks to all these changes in the world and health measures, the Zoom application has become very important to be able to establish communication with those people who are at a distance.


Zoom is an application for cell phones or computers where you can create virtual meetings with live video and audio, where you can establish communication with just one person or a group through these video sessions, creating a room only for the people who were invited by a link.

Zoom the current tool for meetings:

All companies and schools are going through a difficult situation due to the pandemic, which caused all people to isolate themselves at home and from there carry out their activities.


This situation was of great help to formalize and enhance the Zoom application, it became the application par excellence for holding work meetings and taking classes virtually and without exposing itself to dangers.


The best app for virtual meetings?

It is well known that Zoom is not the only application that offers to make video calls in different spaces, but what is recognized is that Zoom is currently the most famous application for virtual sessions, this is due to its thousands of downloads in the stores of Applications and its ease of being able to use it.


It is important to know the opinion of users for any company, this helps to generate feedback on how the customer interacts with the product and thus constantly improve based on their reviews.


 For that reason, in this blog we will see the pros and cons of Zoom from the reviewers point of view. 

Zoom benefits:

Zoom, being a relatively new application, is very easy to learn to use and hold your meetings, but for reviewers there are more advantages such as:


  • Share multifunctional screen.
  • Connection with multiple calendars.
  • Annotation tools for everyone.
  • Continuous security improvements.
  • Offers a variety of meeting settings.
  • Its interface is really simple and easy to use.
  • It is very easy to share the Zoom link to join the video conference.
  • And much more…


As we can see, there are very good reviews about Zoom around the internet, this helps to see the user’s opinion about the application. But not everything is perfect in this life, so we will talk abut the main disadvantages that Zoom has: 

Main disadvantages of Zoom:

  • Option of personalization of annotation tools, to have only those that will be used and not the entire existing range.
  • Billing and customer support are lacking, and users are faced with emails that go unanswered.
  • Numerous accounts of someone having paid for a business or pro account has ended up reverting down to a basic subscription.
  • The Breakout rooms don’t have an option for view only for admins so can view all of them together.
  • You can’t change more options through the applications without having to visit the website
  • The basic version of Zoom can only allow up to 100 persons at a time, which can be a downside if you can’t afford the upgraded version.


The importance of these user opinions about Zoom is that it has helped to considerably improve the application and that today it is the most popular app to create virtual meetings.


It’s into everyone’s activities:

Zoom has been implemented as the application to make video calls in order to get together and continue working, in the case of schools, Zoom has been of great help to students and teachers.


Zoom as an app for schools:


Thanks to the pandemic, schools have implemented taking classes from home, due to this they have decided to use Zoom to give continuity to the classes. This application has been praised by teachers and students for its great ease of use.


Without a doubt, Zoom has helped schools to reintegrate classes again and keep their students informed, it became the best tool to study in this contingency


In impactum we know how important it is for schools to update themselves in conjunction with the strategies they use in their processes.

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