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What are the most effective online marketing channels?

Even though it’s been a couple of decades since the beginning of the technological revolution that started the popularization of the internet and social media channels, we’re living just the tip of the iceberg in terms of what we could expect in this digital era

With that in mind, the possibilities in the marketing business future look promising and endless.

Nevertheless, there are still many brands and clients that refuse to make the leap and hesitate about diving into the digital aspects of the new marketing

Some excuses are that there still exists a mistrust about the online platforms and their payment methods or state that the techy jargon, acronyms, and even metrics are difficult to understand.

The truth is that, if you are a brand in this digital era, there are no excuses to not be in any of the social media and marketing channels that exist. 

More than ever, it is time that your business can take advantage of this media because the opportunity areas that you can make just by using them are going to enhance your sales and profits like you never imagined.


What are the main advantages of online marketing channels?  

First, you need to know which are the advantages that your business is going to get in case you decide to make the transition to trust and invest efforts in online marketing tactics. Now, you’re going to know some benefits in this list:


  • Provides a straight communication route between you and your customer


  • Online presence, day and night


  • It provides instant and highly measurable results in your campaigns


  • Can interact with targeted audiences in real-time


  • Cost-effective


  • With the right budget and marketing efforts, you can deliver an excellent return on investment (ROI)


  • Engage, nurture, and reach potential customers during all or any of the stages in the buyer’s journey


  • Highly targetable thanks to their segmentation and range tools


  • Offers personalization capabilities meaning that you can design or create stunning media like video or images


  • There are no limits. We mean literally because it has a global reach thanks to the internet


As an inbound agency, we listen to so many cases about digital agencies that promise to their clients unreachable goals with wrong metrics and main data that definitely make no sense with real and reachable objectives. That is just a peek at some of the advantages and benefits of having an inbound marketing plan that backs up your strategy.

With an inbound tactic, you can build loyalty from the very beginning of the buyer journey, providing to your possible prospects valuable solutions or information that solves their problems. With that in mind, you need to know that the right combo of online marketing channels will provide you with rewarding leads.



If you want to know more about digital marketing click here and learn the multiple difference between a Marketing Agency vs. an Inbound Agency. Discover which one is the best option for your marketing strategy.


How am I going to lead the market with the use of digital tools?

The next step is to find clear answers to the questions: What is my brand? What am I selling? You need to be sure that the product or service that you offer is unique, attractive and useful for the targeted audience. What are your business goals? In this one, it is important that your answer be clear and real according to the first question you asked.


Also, you may have to wonder: What are my marketing goals? You can pick just one or several, but it is important that agrees with your business goals in the short, mid or long term, besides, you need to be sure of other aspects such as Is my budget enough to achieve my plan? 

Finally, the last question that you have to answer just before you start with the planning of your online marketing strategy is, Where is my target audience? This is necessary because not everybody is in every online media or channel. So it is important to know which are the social networks or web channels that they use.

With all the previously mentioned questions and their answers, you are now ready to know what are the most effective and convenient ways to reach your audience. Here, we’re about to tell you some of the most popular, but also the best online marketing channels that you need to enforce for your brand or business.


Content marketing

As we were saying anteriorly, creating valuable content for the people that you want to be your clients is relevant in terms that you create loyalty from the very beginning of their needs. With the right strategy, you can definitely attract, convert, close and delight customers, that is the main goal of content marketing.


Email marketing

You may hear the statement that says “email marketing is dead” and that is so wrong in many ways. 

As a lead, receiving a mail every once in a while from your favorite brand will remind you that they’re there, waiting for you to shop at their products or services. As a business, email marketing will provide you the chance of getting them discounts, webinars, news, or blog posts that will get you at the top of their minds.


Video marketing

This one is the most dominant and valuable digital marketing trend nowadays. Video grants great performance in any platform because of the nature of this format, which is good for visual context and break down any information. 


Lately, vertical video is trending more than ever thanks to stories on social media channels such as Instagram, TikTok, Facebook, and more recently on Twitter and LinkedIn.


Social media marketing.

54% of social browsers use this type of media to research products or services and 71% that had a positive experience with online shopping through social media are likely to recommend the brand to friends or family.

So now you know. These are some of the most popular, successful, and effective online marketing channels that you can find on the World Wide Web. To achieve and secure that your marketing strategy is efficient, remember that you need to verify that the ones you’re about to use for the benefit of your brand are useful for your goals and objectives

In Impactum Inbound Agency we care about the success of your business so that’s why you will find in the next section of this article a downloadable file with the most significant differences that an inbound marketing strategy can do for your brand compared with the services that a digital marketing agency offers.



If you want to know more about digital marketing click here and learn the multiple difference between a Marketing Agency vs. an Inbound Agency. Discover which one is the best option for your marketing strategy.




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