Web design focused on growth vs traditional web design

A new paradigm for business websites

Do not you find it strange that web pages are such an undervalued asset? I know companies that have paid up to half a million pesos for services related to their website while most SMEs see it as an unnecessary expense or something they can leave for later or even worse they can hire anyone or do it themselves with some free or very cheap page creator on the internet.

It is true that now with the tools you can make a website from 220 pesos (which is what it costs you a year with GoDaddy) but to put it in simple terms is like feeding your baby with animal cookies, we all know that you can do it, it’s going to be extremely cheap, nothing serious happens in the short term, but the reality is that you are doing serious damage to your baby (your baby is now your company).

When working in an agency like Impactum you realize many things, among them is that the SMEs in Mexico have many difficulties, it is not easy to have a business and definitely not anyone can with the workload that this represents, however we often run into entrepreneurs who seek to save even the smallest detail, so investing a large amount in a web page is difficult for them, especially if they have never had one and do not know its importance. Which brings us to the first point of this new paradigm:


Monthly payments instead of a large one

When you hire a web page focused on growth with Impactum, you do not let go a large amount from the beginning, on the contrary, the amounts are designed so that you do not decapitalize and you will have your website 100% functional in 30 days or less after your first payment.

What happens with traditional web design? They usually raise projects for 3 months and very often they have delays because the client (the company that hires) did not communicate with enough frequency or did not send them the photos, images, information etc … it depends on what you hire, even after this period may your site does not have the expected results, even if you hire a very good designer and your site is very nice the reality is that neither the desidner nor you know how much will work, which brings us to the next point:


Website design focused on growth, it is about GROWTH

Normally, when you are given a finished web page, there is no significant change in a long period of time, we talk about years without changes, months in the best of cases. Then you are trusting that the page you were given is already going to bring you the best possible results, but how can you know what is going to work for you? The reality is that you can not know. A site designer can follow the best practices of the market, use the best technologies but still could not guarantee that your page will be successful since it has never been taught to your clients. Then those 3 months that happened to give you your page were wasted.

Instead, in this new paradigm what is sought is to create your site as quickly as possible and be able to show it to your clients and they themselves decide which designs should be added, what else would they like to see on your page, how they would like to navigate it, how It would be easier to use it and all the decisions of the design and development of your site depend on your clients and therefore on what DOES WORK. 


What is not measured is not improved

If who created your site did installed you  Google Analytics and gave you access or send you monthly reports, that is not to measure. It is good that you have information, but if that does not tell you how to improve is completely useless, if the information is not giving you ideas of what is right and what is wrong, then we do not know what to do to improve and it is necessary to measure in a different way.

In the design of web pages focused on growth what we do is to measure absolutely all the activities that your users and customers perform on your website in order to try to understand where things are not clear or what information may be missing, from this way we get hypothesis of possible changes that can improve the page, we implement them and we measure again to see if it actually improved the experience of your clients when using your website. 

The web design focused on growth seeks to change the paradigms in the development of traditional websites by doing the following:

  • Making the spent not so strong, making it gradual (monthly)
  • Every month your website improves its results and generates more for your business
  • Measure how your customers use your page to make improvements and make it more attractive to them
  • Guarantees that you will have much better results than your previous website and that any site made by project by any designer or agency


I personally believe that there are no «presence» websites, many entrepreneurs tell us that their pages only want them «to be there», the reality today is that the internet is a mean of communication and sales, if your company is still not selling online, you are behind others. If you want to know 6 basic strategies to take advantage of the internet and digital tools in favor of your company, I invite you to download the following ebook:

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