Upload your sales and transform each customer into a relationship

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Visualize a scenario in which your company manages to close three sales in a week and ends with the process by delivering the final product or service to the customer, without leaving any room for future feedback to increase your sales. Examples like this happen very often in real life, it is easy to get carried away by emotion, concentrating only on the closing of the sale and ending the process at this stage, this is not an advisable action as it can truncate the development of the company .

The growth of a business depends directly on the clients and their permanence in this, it is for this reason that as entrepreneurs we have to be aware of what is the loyalty of the clients and know how to achieve it, given that if they are satisfied with what they have been offered will also give positive recommendations of the brand, and as it is well known, the «word of mouth» communication is the most effective and also helps the positioning of the company and as a result, increases your sales.

Increase your sales of loyal customers

According to Merca 2.0, «loyalty is translated as the sum of an attitude (generated by the attributes that a consumer perceives and values a brand) and behavior (detonated by that attitude and measurable by the commitment to the brand, as well as the intention, action and / or recidivism of purchase), «therefore it is» the final result of a sequence of steps that are interrelated to build a consumer-brand relationship and in which each step depends on the development successful from the previous step «. Having defined the above, what attitudes should we carry out the companies to generate a feeling of loyalty in the client towards the brand?

Empower employees who have direct contact with the client.

Keeping staff trained allows to increase the productivity of the company and improve the quality of the product or service, in all the companies there are positions in which the employee-client interaction is greater, now what would happen if these were trained? employees so they could solve the client’s needs at that precise moment without having to consult with a supervisor?

That, in simple words, is the empowerment of employees, but for the actions taken by said to be correct, the company has to predefine the limits of its decisions, and provide them with the necessary technical knowledge and criteria (as well as the appropriate tools) so they can make decisions without consulting the management, thus increasing customer satisfaction and doing this increases your sales.

Why can empowering employees increase customer loyalty?

For two reasons, because the response time is shorter, which means that the problem will be resolved to the client more quickly. The second reason is related to the fact that employees who have a greater interaction with the client, are generally those who know their profile, needs, opinions, etc., working together with these employees will align the client’s requirements (needs / problems) with the product that is offered (this is known as Product- Market Fit). In short, what is demanded will be offered.

Beware of excessive promotion

So that the promotion of a service does not become intrusive (something that is not being looked for and that «hinders») it is vital to know what kind of information the target market is looking for, and what is the ideal moment to offer it. According to Entrepreneur, «excessive product promotion can be misinterpreted and thought that money is before quality or customer satisfaction.«

A methodology that allows companies to know what is the content that the client is looking for and the ideal time to communicate something (whether pre or post sale information) is Inbound Marketing, if you are interested in knowing more about the benefits it offers, I invite you read the following Blog «Inbound Marketing vs Digital Marketing«.

Make the customer feel unique.

There are several methods that make the purchasing process an experience for the consumer, a key factor to achieve this is personalization, is it not a fact that all consumers like to feel that their opinion is valued?

Sending greeting cards and / or personalized thanks is a factor that increases loyalty, given that the purpose of these cards is to make the customer feel special. The key is to devise an innovative way to do them, which is not the same as in previous years, and remember that personalization is a factor that the consumer appreciates.

Achieving that customers are loyal to a brand is a continuous but fruitful work, since it raises your sales of a product. Remember that the process does not end in the closing of a sale, you have to continuously work on customer satisfaction.

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