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The power of effective landing pages

¿Do you know that landing pages are so important in the marketing world?  Let us explain to you. These pages are created to help us to convert visitors into leads, this is the first step to convert a relationship between your company and your potential customer.  It should be considered that we don’t have any type of information or way of contacting them directly about each of those who follow us. However, growing our subscriber database is synonymous with working on one of the most important assets that a website has. 


But, ¿What is a Landing page? You will ask yourself

A landing page is a term we use in online marketing. It’s a type of website that users land on from different sources, such as Google Ads, Facebook Ads, social media posts, emails, and so on. Landing pages are designed to fulfill one specific goal which most of the time is collecting leads. You can receive various types of leads from email addresses to phone numbers.


There are also multiple reasons why landing pages can perform much better than your main website, which is their main strength in digital marketing. Unlike web pages, which commonly serve multiple purposes and encourage analytics, landing pages remain, designed with a unique focus or goal, known as a call to action or a CTA.


The goal of a landing page is to capture the visitor’s information in exchange for the desired offer. Before you make your landing page, it is important that you make sure you have done a correct background investigation to carry it out effectively. Be sure to cover the next steps:



1.- Buyer Personas:

This tool helps you to create content to target and contact in a better way to your ideal customer. This is not a real customer, is a fictional person who embodies the characteristics of your best potential customer. 


2.- Buyer’s Journey

The buyer journey is the inquiry process that a potential customer goes through prior to making a purchase. It can be divided into 3 different phases: Awareness, Decision and Delight. Various types of content have to be produced for each specific phase of the journey to help individuals move from one phase to the next.



3. The Offer you give:

An offer is something designed to provide help to visitors of an organization’s or company web, in addition to the products or services that the organization sells or as a way to provide human contact. The offer can be whatever it can be taken as a material with an offer value for your clients and report on the industry you’re in. This goes along with the buyer’s journey.


¿How do landing pages work? 

It’s a performance that is quite simple since “we drive traffic to a landing page to which the client has few alternatives”, or enters their data to enter a sequence of benefits that we offer ourselves.  The fact that the client has few possibilities and little to choose from causes the effectiveness of the landing page to be really high. But, ¿How do we make our landing page more effective? These points must be kept in mind to achieve good results…


Let’s talk about the benefits:

And, What are the benefits the client have if they put their data on our home page? Even if it is a file in download, access to exclusive content, additional information that we only share with our own subscribers, whatever it is must remain very clear, so that serves as an incentive for the potential client to become a lead. 


  • The bullet points are important too: 

Bullet points are nothing more than writing bullets that instantly capture the advantages of your landing page. So the customer at a glance can read the aspects with the positive results of registering on your landing page.“The bullet point is a typographical symbol or glyph used to introduce items in a list”.


  • Create an attractive Image:

¿What are we offering to our visitors in exchange for their subscription?

The effectiveness of a landing page is a clear image of what we are offering causes the client to have a tangible perception of what they are going to receive. It is a way of transforming something intangible into something tangible and tangible that the client will receive in return.


  • Use the Above the Fold

¿What does this refer to?

Above the Fold it is an area in the main part of a web page that is visible without the need to move. Since all visitors see this space once the page loads, it is an ideal posture for placing calls to action (CTAs) and conversion questionnaires. Statistical data say that the questionnaires located in this region are much more effective than those found in other regions of our website. 


  • Don’t forget the call to action (CTA)

The buttons that make up a call to action of the type 

  1. Sign me up
  2. Register me


Have a higher percentage of success than the typical button with the writing “Send”. If you are offering a download product you could use the call to action “Download now” or if you are running a raffle the CTA can be “Participate now”. We are talking about encouraging action by the customer taking care of a great user experience. 


So now you know that the landing pages are very effective for any type of website, be it an online store, a blog, or a corporate website. And how this strategy will help you meet the objective of your company and lead to better clients.


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