The most important parts to optimize your web page

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When you search your web page in google, is it thirteenth? Do you want to be in the first 3 places, that means, better position? Sometimes we invest too much time in the design of our website, in how we will publish it on networks or with what program we are going to make it forget the essential parts, things like SEO.

The «SEO» are the techniques of search engine positioning (Search engine optimization), the most common is the definition of keywords (keywords) which must be repeated frequently in the content, the link of the article and the title of the page for optimize your web page and have better search engine results.

Not because your website has the best typography, this will be the first to appear in all electronic search engines, so some tips to improve your positioning are the following:


Start by defining which words are going to be the most representative of your business or website, they should be easy words and that any user can associate with your service or product, so that when typing, your page is the first.

Put those words into action

Once you have defined what words or even small phrases can identify you, you need to start using them. So you need to put them in as many places as possible but strategically, such as: titles, descriptions, headers and content, image file names and URLs. All in a visual way and in simple sentences.

Do not overdo it

However do not fall into exaggeration, some people believe that by having more keywords, it will be easier for them to identify the search engines, but if your set of words covers more than 15 then you lose that segmentation and positioning that you were looking for and only you get to see you as a page too varied and without a specific purpose.

Now that you have achieved a better positioning thanks to the SEO strategy, now if the second step is to focus on the appearance of your web page, so that the users not only reach it, but remain in it.

Less is more

Avoid long and complicated texts, try to synthesize that information in images or even attractive infographics. Play with different styles of letter, size and position.

Identify what colors represent you as a brand and exploit them to the fullest, so visually do not get bored, do not overload yourself.

Order first

If you are going to put tabs or menus, try to be concise and understandable. It establishes 5 main titles and on them it develops subtopics. Make them attractive visually, not repetitive and that include the most requested information by users eliminating unnecessary details. That everything has a sequence and a purpose.


Nobody likes a page that only handles text, use your creativity and post images, videos, discussion forums and you can even create your own blog and start interacting more with your customers.

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