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The marketing of Steve Jobs and Apple

Many people consider Steve Jobs a genius, and in a way it was, but not necessarily in the way that people usually remember him.

Steve Jobs understood better than anyone at the time the utility that could be exploited by technology. When people claim that Steve Jobs did not in fact invent anything new, they are somehow right, but it is also true that Thomas Alba Edison did not invent the light bulb, only created a filament that allowed the bulb to give more light and last longer, which finally resulted in a practical use, since before that, existing bulbs were more proof of concept and it was more efficient to continue using a candle or gas lamps for lighting.

In the same way Steve Jobs did not invent the computer, the smartphone or the mp3 players, but he created versions of these devices that could finally be assigned a practical use, since before his, the computers were only seen as machines for industry, and not as personal devices, smartphones still had the main task of making calls and were not seen as platforms to provide information and mp3 players could store only a limited number of songs, so they became inefficient moment of having to be loading the songs that they wanted to hear during the week or the same day.

His products looked better and he firmly believed that they were better, for him, the products had to work in the same way they were advertised, in this sense the good taste was not a luxury, it is rather a moral decision, particularly by the marketers that they would form the future. If you sold an inferior product and you are successful, then you were a tyrant. And if you bought it then you were a gullible one.


The formula of success

His formula was not to offer the same as the competition, but to carefully analyze the use that the user gave him and thus improve it, take for example the case of mp3’s and ipod, in its original presentation of 2001, Steve Jobs presents the advantages and disadvantages of the music players of that time and the disadvantages that each presented, in addition to giving examples of use of the new product, often limiting their functionalities to focus on the task they were designed, this same formula is repeated in 2007 in the original presentation of the original iphone.

In order to convince customers to buy a new product from the market, it is necessary that they are able to see the value of things before buying them, and this is what defines Apple that makes it different from the competition. Apple does not list The characteristics of its devices, lists the problems it solves, it is not easy for the average consumer to know if what he needs is more RAM, more hard disk space or the difference of a 32-bit or 64-bit operating system, without technical knowledge they only see numbers, and assume that the bigger the product, the better it will be, which is not always true. Apple devotes a large part of its advertising campaigns to educate its customers so that they can be aware of what features they need, and customers can know that this is precisely what they need. For this they do not need to know how their products work, but rather what problems solve them.

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