Fecha: 27 julio, 2023

The impact of social networks on SMEs [film Chef]


How big is the impact of social networks on a SME?

In order to answer this question, we will take as an example the film of «Chef», it is not my intention to make a review of the film what we are going to do is just take the relevant parts of the film that talk about social networks.

In the film we meet a chef, who is working as an employee in a restaurant, but who in his beginnings was very vaunted at the beginning of the race and his food likes both the boss and his guests. The day a critic arrives and makes a poor review of the food of this chef, and that review is widely publicized in the social network of the critic (Twiter in this case).

The criticism made viral, which causes the chef to enter Twiter, but unknowingly sends a public message which is also viralized, which begins a battle of arguments between the critic and the chef, as well as the followers, causing the confrontation of the chef towards the critic, which due to the importance of social networks, has been recorded and disseminated throughout the Internet.

The film follows its course and the chef starts his own business, but with the help of his son and his important Twiter account, he begins to grow his business very quickly.

His way in the business in addition to having all the attention of his followers of Twiter, customers who consumed with him also commented about the business, so they became promoters for their contacts, free of charge, which formed a chain of consumers enormous and very well taken advantage of. Wherever it was, there was a queue even before the business opened.

So far, this is what we will talk about the film, not to mention so many details that could ruin it for those who have not seen it.

For what we see a social network is very important to know how to take, because as we see in the film is a two-edged weapon, you can get up and make yourself known in an incredible way or you can destroy yourself, but taking into account that the information transmits almost instantaneously at the moment, so a social network is very important for any company or business but even more important is knowing how to take it and manage it, not just having it.

Whether it is a large business or a SME need to know how to carry a social network, since as we can see anything published in these can cause an impact, large or small but all publications have their level of impact, the best we can do at managing ours is take advantage of that impact so that it benefits our goals. 

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