Fecha: 27 julio, 2023

The digital is now the traditional


With so many changes occurring nowadays it is necessary for companies to adapt constantly to these, in recent years there have been many radical changes in different industries and marketing and sales are no exception.


There was a time when TV and radio were the media for excellence and the most effective ways to reach our customers with the message of our brand but no longer, digital media came to take that place as the most effective means.

But once again the industry has changed and now the digital media seems to be that they are not the answer either, they are not what they used to be due to the saturation and commoditization of these media.

In the State of the Inbound 2017, a study that Hubspot performs globally where it measures the trends and results of marketing in companies, they realized that about 40% of companies do not consider their current marketing strategy as effective, what is going on? What companies are doing that 4 out of 10 do not think it is effective.

Added to this, they were asked which marketing strategies they considered overvalued and the highest responses were traditional paid advertising with 25%, organic advertising on social networks 17%, email marketing 16% and online payment advertising 13%. the last 3 being the services that 99% of digital agencies offer.

What is happening? As previously the radio and TV ceased to be the means of excellence the same is happening with digital media, it is not enough to have a presence on social networks, it is not enough to send emails and it is no longer enough to pay in PPC to generate results in marketing; it does not mean that these means definitely do not work, like TV and radio, there are still companies that can benefit from using these media, but in the graph it is shown that for the majority of companies there must be something more, an integral strategy, an inbound marketing methodology.

In the same study we found that 45% of companies consider inbound marketing as the strategy that generates more Return on their Investment unlike Outbound marketing that only 10% of companies prefer. This speaks to us as the traditional methods of marketing, even the digital Outbound (those that interrupt) in most cases do not work and attracting people with valuable content and following a methodology such as Inbound Marketing brings you results of an ROI positive to 4 times more companies.

Companies must put themselves in the place of their clients and understand that the best way to reach them is to help them when they look for help, make sure they understand how they seek help and provide it through original and valuable content. Not only focus on being in digital media but also be active and be opinion leaders. Search to position your content for its quality and not for the budget you have for PPC or social networks. Remember that it is not enough to have your website if you do not create valuable content, it is not enough to be on social networks if you do not reach your appropriate audience and that the databases are as valuable as the interest of the people who left you their data.

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