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Internet Marketinghas increasingly (or at least should) more importance. According to theAMIPCI (Asociación Mexicana de Internet) , Internet penetration in Mexico has increased by 5.3% in the last year alone, reaching a total of 53.9 million users. However, it is not just about putting our website, opening our facebook page and ¡that’s it! we become millionaires … no, no, no; We must draw up a comprehensive strategy to increase our reach and boost our sales results.

Do not worry, today I will tell you how you can begin to trace your Internet Marketing strategy, step by step:

1. Meet your ideal client

If you have already had the opportunity to read our articles, you will surely have noticed that we mention this point a lot; what happens is that it is extremely important that you really know how to identify all the characteristics of your ideal client.

Let me tell you that if you are one of those who say «my clients are all / or any kind of person«, you need to start analyzing your strategy, because it is not quite correct. Your ideal client has certain characteristics that define it, has specific goals and problems for which you exist, to help you solve them. So I invite you to read our article: Do you really know your ideal client? [INFOGRAPHY], so you know more about it and learn to define the profiles of your ideal clients.

This helps you to know how and where you should direct your marketing efforts to obtain a greater and better reach, and see it reflected in your sales. Likewise, it will allow you to design a hook thought of what your ideal clients are looking for or looking for:

  • Some explanatory video, to help them resolve certain doubts they may have
  • An article of interest
  • Demonstrations or testimonies
  • Even some promotions

2. Catch them with Internet Marketing

Once you know who your ideal customers are, and what kind of hooks are right for them, you can start designing your Internet Marketing strategy.

  1. Identify which social media they are in:
    • If they are entrepreneurs, they will most likely be easier to locate by LinkedIn;
    • If they are people worried about their figure, Facebook could be a good option, for the segmentation that allows you to do;
    • If they are women interested in fashion and design, apart from Facebook, you could try on Pinterest
  2. Identify what language they use: this will help you to define the keywords that you can use for your search engine positioning or SEO (you can read more about SEO in our article: Why should you worry about SEO on your website). You should know if it is better to use a technical language, a very colloquial language or synonyms of what you offer; and these words should be used in:
    • Your adss on engines and social media
    • Your webpage
    • Your posts, infographics, videos or promotions 
  3.  Start to spread: once you have identified the above, you can design your ad or post, with the message adapting, the right content and the right social network.
    • Create ads on Facebook: make sure you define your target audience well to reach as many ideal customers as possible.
    • Create ads in Adwords: if it is the case of your business, and you should give relevance to the presence in search engines, you should buy the phrases that your ideal clients could find, according to the language they use, as well as defining the geographical area of diffusion.

3. Convert them into prospects

Since you managed to get them to you, do not let them go without knowing who they are! The point of having designed a hook  is to ask for their data (at least name and email) in exchange for what you offer (article, promotion, information). This is usually achieved with Microsites, which are web pages focused 100% on sales results (you can read more about it here: Make your website sell for you [[INFOGRAPHY])

4.Instruct them in what you do

The fact that you have already obtained their data does not mean that they are going to buy: some will be just curious, others may be your competition, and many others may be your ideal clients, but perhaps they would like to know a little more. For this same purpose, this stage is useful, you must make sure you follow up on these people, and put yourself in a service attitude, rather than a salesman on the lookout. For example:

  1. You have a real state agency and the hook in exchange for your data was a video that you made about 5 steps to choose your ideal home. This person may present the following situations:
    • Wants to buy new house
    • Wants to know what people are looking for to sell or rent their house
  2. Now you must contact him, and say: «I know you downloaded our video about the 5 steps to choose your ideal home, I wanted to know if you had any questions or if I could help you with something» … according to your prospect’s attitude, and your ability to the phone, this is where you can launch your sales dialogue about what you do (of course, without always forgetting your attitude of service, about your attitude as a salesman to the stalking). With the proper follow-up, you can close your sale.

All this tracking can be automated with specific emails for each of the stages of purchase in which your prospect is located. We tell you about this, more extensively, in our Ebook; You can download it for free on the banner at the end of the infographic.

5. Delight them

Since you managed to buy it, do not forget them! Remember that it is much easier, not to mention cheap, to sell to someone who already trusted you, and you know how he work, to try to convince new people that you are good at what you offer.

I know that not all companies apply to sell other products or services to the same client, however, we must take care of the post-purchase service to know what they think of what they bought, if you have a problem, solve it, and if you do not have any, continue in service attitude. If they are happy, it will be much easier for them to recommend you. In this way, the internet marketing efforts made to obtain the first customer, will transcend all those with whom we recommend. 

As you can see, in order to have an effective Internet Marketing strategy, it is necessary to create a holistic plan, focused on the client. This is called Inbound Marketing, and knowing how to draw the right strategy, you can get results in sales, from the first month they are implemented. If you have any questions, leave your comment and we will gladly resolve it, and if you want to learn more about it, you can download our Ebook for free to improve the results of sales teams, by clicking on the banner at the end.

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