Do you think that you can not sell through social networks? Here we tell you how

The use of social networks as a company is essential to communicate to your target customers that your product can solve their problem or need. If your company already has a Social Network (such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, among others) you will have realized that not only is it enough to have your advertising on the Internet, but it is a constant job; especially because of the excessive saturation of information that people face through the internet, and then … how to make your information the one they decide to read?

To achieve this, it is necessary to optimize social media, which allows to give relevance to a certain website and therefore increase the traffic of people that the page receives. In this blog I will talk a little more about how to achieve this optimization and the good practices of Inbound Marketing so you can increase your sales through social networks, through these three tips:

Unify your social networks and marketing strategy

It is important to have a strategy that integrates all your Social Networks and your marketing strategy, I advise you to analyze first what are the means that help you get closer to your ideal client (analyze where your audience is), and since you have decided which of these networks transmit a clear message and according to your profile.

Unify your social networks with your other channels, to this I mean to share your social networks through emails, thank you pages, and other means of communication that you have with your customers.

Discover what is your frequency of «posts» indicated

In this section I would like to share a very useful advice from Hubspot that will help you sell online. This technique is to discover what is the optimal frequency in which you should make your publications, this will allow you to reduce the spam and increase your number of prospects or leads.

First, for each Network in which you are applying this experiment, separate your publications by a constant time interval, that is, it can be a publication every two hours, every day, etc., the objective of this is that this interval is fixed for a week. During this period, he observes and collects the metrics of this Social Network (Likes, Shares, generated prospects, etc.). The following week decrease or increase that time interval and keep it fixed for a week, then analyze the result of this change, depending on whether it was negative or positive you will discover your frequency of publication indicated.

According to Hubspot’s experience, the ideal frequency of publication in Facebok is once every two days, and Twitter time of 1 to 4 publications per hour. However, this frequency is relative, because it depends on the amount of news or notifications that people have on their home page.

Measure your performance, and keep optimizing

Finally, I invite you to measure the optimization of your social networks, according to our friends of Merca 2.0 «KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) are a very useful tool to evaluate the performance of marketing actions in particular», one of these indicators is the Marketing Funnel, which basically consists of knowing how many client prospects or leads left their contact, registration or information thanks to a certain Marketing action. This step is vital for you as a company to optimize your social networks, always remember that what is not measured does not grow.

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