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Save time and money on sales, AUTOMATE!

If you have a sales team or you are part of one, you have run into a series of inconsistencies that often ruin your sales results, such as someone from your team searching the same person you recently called and do not have way of knowing it, or that this person has received a bad treatment from another vendor and now that you want to recover it seems to be an impossible task.

Stop suffering and start automating your process, this will help you with a series of things. First of all, you should not trust that your employees do not forget that they have to mark or contact all their prospects, there comes a time in the life of every vendor that if you do not organize it is impossible to remember all the prospects you are following, and even then it is impossible to follow them. Another benefit is that you will have control over the information that is sent and how it is sent to the prospects, many sellers make mistakes that you would surely like to avoid such as sending prices too soon, not describing the benefits correctly or not being kind enough so, If you want to keep some control in your sales process and save time and money in sales, I recommend you automate your sales process as much as possible. Here we tell you how:

Disarm your process into small pieces

The first thing is that you know what your sellers are currently doing when they have a new prospect, since this will start all your automation and that is how we will be able to save time and money in sales. Think of all the actions your salespeople do with all the new prospects from the first contact until they make an appointment or a closing. If your sales process is very different, you can always separate it into groups, for example, the prospects that arrive through your page or by mail, and the prospects that you seek through other means, since they must be handled in different ways.

Remember to consider the Buyes Journey of Inbound Marketing:

Determine where you can save time and money

What I mean here is that you determine what your salespeople do every day and what takes more time, I’ll explain it with an example from our agency:

Our salespeople every day call a new prospect and try to find out the information of a decision maker, until here there is no work that can save.

Once they have the data of a manager, 90% of them ask them to send information to their mail, so that when they finish the call, they do so, write an email and attach a file with information about our company. Here is the first point where we have saved up to 5 minutes per call, since we automate this process with the help of our CRM. In our system now the only thing they do is indicate that the contact requested information and automatically an email will be sent with generic information of our company:

  • In the first place we have saved the sellers 5 minutes which is the average that took them to write and send that mail;
  • in the second place we have the control that the mail contains the information that we want it to contain and we can easily test more effective mails.

Let’s leave the example here but in our team we have another 3 points where we optimize the time of the sellers up to 80%.

Configure an automation

There are many marketing automation systems, which allow you to configure several paths and events that your prospect takes. At the same time it is easy to configure and install on your site.

Here at Impactum we use a system that combines automation with a CRM and is the most effective option in the market, in fact all our customers include an account and configure all their campaigns from it.

The automations usually respond to an action of our prospect, for example: you can configure that when the prospect opens the mail, another email is sent to him with more information taking advantage of that we have his attention. Another option is that as soon as the prospect of clicking on a link that came in your mail, you can send an email to one of your sellers so that they can contact him immediately, taking advantage of the fact that they are viewing the page you sent them.

The main distractions in sales

Save time and money by eliminating emails from your sales process

To save time and money you have to identify what are those activities that take time, as you can imagine, one of the biggest is having to send emails.

The problem is that most of the salespeople are good with speech but not so good with their writing, so it often takes more time to write than to talk, and their written messages are not as powerful and effective as their speeches, because of this marketing automation is so effective for sales.

When a seller hangs up a call and is ready to send an email with information, is losing the approximate time of 2 more calls, so that if we eliminate the emails, we will be optimizing their time up to 60% (in addition to increasing their effectiveness) .

The follow ups

«Call me after I’m busy» ... is the most common for sellers, and at the same time annoying, since not only do you not get anything, but you waste time writing down that schedule where you will have to re-dial it. The good news is that automation can also help you here. Imagine that instead of feeling overwhelmed to see who you have to call every hour, you could simply receive an email with the data of the person that you have to dial right at the time you have to do it, so that when you receive the mail, your next call is to that contact … nice, no? because with any CRM you can achieve this and it is quite simple, in this way you will never lose a client for not following up.


So do not forget, one of the best ways to increase the productivity of your sales team and make your company save time and money, is automating your sales efforts, so that you and your salespeople focus on what matters most. It is the closing of sales.

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