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The 5 best TEDTALKS on Sales for SMEs


If you are an entrepreneur and you are looking for sales strategies for SMEs, this publication is for you. It is clear that nowadays the technologies advance in an accelerated way, therefore we also have to do it and what better way to learn about sales generation watching videos of TED Talks.

Below are the 5 best talks that the «TED Talks» platform publishes, either for students or SMEs focused on reaching goals, for example having more sales. Without a doubt, they are tips that we can apply in many aspects of our life and that regardless of our profession, they will give us positive and lasting results.

Based on attitudes that can be implemented immediately and without the help of an expert, so that you achieve your goals in a simple and effective way, we leave you this selection of 5 videos on sales skills for SMEs:

Inspiration List for selling in a SME:

1.Dr. Ivan Joseph: “The Skill of Self Confidence»

A sale is not only the process of obtaining money in exchange for your service or product; A sale starts from the moment the seller puts a goal in mind and develops a series of strategies to obtain positive results.

The video presented shows a basic element of these strategies, self-confidence, that is, being able to know ourselves, what we offer and reflect that when facing the client. Self confidence is to be the best, not because of your position but because you know that you can become the best and that is only achieved through persistence and perseverance, by repeating your sales speech or by practicing how to deal with difficult people, etc. . Repeating your strategic processes will make you become an expert and nothing will take you by surprise.

Convince yourself that you are the best, because you have practiced and trained to be the best, convert all your thoughts to positive and that is how you will be able to get the best out of all your experiences (feedback) and put them in practice until the time comes when selling is the easiest you have been assigned and you feel completely safe in the process, causing the people around you to see you as an expert and manage to transmit that confidence you now have.

2.Matt Cutts: “Try something new for 30 days»

How many times have you not said on Monday I start the diet? And most likely, you will say many times, but why does this happen?

Sometimes we want to do very extraordinary things that if they do not happen instantly we are disappointed or we think they are so impossible that it is better not to try, but if we were just more adventurous and focused we could do great things.

This is how the theme of the video is «30 day goals», it proposes that you think something you would like to do or stop doing for only thirty days, you can start with small goals and change the difficulty each month, because as Matt says those 30 days are still going to happen and it’s your decision how you want them to go.

Focusing on the issue of sales, do not want to have contracts and millions in sales in a week, but start by posing challenges; for example, do not go to sleep if you did not talk to at least two potential people per day about what you sell (product / service) and start by creating your network of customers and then change your challenge for a sale per day for 30 days . This is how goals are achieved, in defined terms and in a way that progress can be measured; prioritizing the objectives of the company and working constantly looking for growth. Therefore, what is your first business challenge? Do you have that challenge defined in your sales strategy for SMEs?

3.Dr. Ernesto Sirolli: “¿Want to Help Someone? Shut Up and Listen!

The first thing is to get rid of the mind that you are a super hero and that everything you offer is just what the client wants, not for nothing we have two ears and a mouth.

The next point to explain is active listening, it is that process of truly listening to what the people around us say, not just hearing. Listening implies, first of all, not speaking, trying to understand and analyze what the other party wants to convey, leaving good or bad prejudices aside.

It may be that the client approaches you, but if you do not keep silent and listen you will never know what he needs. Forget about the economic issue, many times to sell the most expensive, we do not realize that the client wanted only something basic, resulting in not being completely satisfied and does not recommend you again. On the other hand, if you give him exactly what he needs, he will be happy, he will promote you and he will be a loyal customer.

You have to be humble and put yourself at the service of the other, not arrogant and tell everyone what to do; with a dialogue in which we demonstrate confidentiality, enthusiasm and veracity to achieve better results in our own SMEs.

4.Angela Duckworth: “¿The key to success? Grit»

Small and medium-sized companies have a high rate of bankruptcy or disintegration compared to large companies, this is due to many factors, however what it tells us is that if you are starting in the business world, it would be best if you were aware of these risks and how you can handle them.

The key to all this is given to us by Angela Duckworth, it is determination. Determination means working hard with perseverance for a long period, holding on to a goal. And what does this have to do with sales? In order to be a great seller you do not need a sale of $ 100,000 per month but you need 100,000 sales per month without interruption.

Having determination with a motivational perspective will be the key to the success of your company, it does not mean that you will not have difficult times but you will know how to get out of them, without fear of failure. Do not get discouraged and set a long-term goal for your sales and with determination as your everyday word, you will see as if you can excel in a competitive market.

People who meet these requirements enjoy life as a marathon, not as a race at full speed, Duckworth.

5.Rory Sutherland: “The key is the value perceived by customers»

At this point, we finally come to the conclusion that selling is exposing value to others. It can even be an intangible value, like that of education. Many private schools do not sell to their professors or facilities, but that intangible value they assure within a few years will lead you to success.

But all value is relative, says Rory Sutherland; You can make the customer see your product as it suits them that even though you’re an SME, your potential customers see you as a big and really successful company, it’s all a matter of study and marketing.

Also persuasion is many times better than composition, does not mean you have to lie about the quality of your product to sell, but you just need to know which side people are most vulnerable and start there. Hitler did not convince millions of people with money, instead he spoke to them in such a way that his mind and heart could think in the same way. Then start doing the same in your business and make a sales pitch, along with videos and images and encourage people to follow you.

In general, it is only a matter of being creative with marketing, so that your client begins to see more value in your product and thus obtain better sales.

Finally, selling is an art, it is something that has to be practiced and practiced. There is no exact formula for the success of a company, however of course there are key elements that will make the odds grow exponentially. Do not despair if you’re not yet the business mogul you’ve always thought, just do not give up and keep trying.


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