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Relevant information for your Digital Marketing [INFOGRAPHIC]

It is important to emphasize that strategy is everything at the time of doing our marketing campaign in digital media. If you manage to do it well, you may surpass your own expectations. However, in order for your marketing to really work, you must constantly be measuring what results you are getting; but you must be very careful not to fall into vanity metrics, which instead of helping you raise your sales, will only raise your ego. Likewise, you should consider the following:

Quality of your Marketing content

As our friends of Merca2.0 say, the quality of content is of vital importance for users to take into account a brand. The position in search engines is reached organically if a good technique is implemented. Here you must measure how much your content is shared and commented. The fact that you have interaction with your audience reflects how relevant your content is to it.

Prospects obtained

Every digital marketing campaign must have a goal to be, whether you’re looking for followers, prospects or brand presence, you must design information, articles or videos, for which your public is willing to leave their data in exchange for them (at least their mail). In this way you can create your database of people who are interested in what you do, and you should measure: of all the visits you have, how many have left you their data and analyze it: are you using the correct words ?, how valuable is your content? Could you modify your message and get even more of what you achieved?

Customers obtained

Although they are digital campaigns, this does not mean that there is no human interaction in the process. To the prospects you got, you should follow them as personalized as possible. And whether you use automated marketing, there will come a point where you should speak in person, that means: sales closings. In this part you should measure: from the prospects that you obtained, how many did you get them to buy? If the answer does not satisfy you at all, perhaps you should consider modifying your sales closing process.

Without further ado, I leave this infographic (extract from our free Ebook) so that you can see more graphically everything that I just told you (and a little more), so that you consider it when analyzing your Digital Marketing campaign , so that it is really effective:

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