5 Reasons to consider Inbound Marketing as a strategy for your university

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Inbound Marketing is a marketing strategy that includes the creation and distribution of relevant content, and that your audience can find valuable and helpful for their specific objectives.

In other words, instead of selling a product, service or, in your case: a college or university of education, through the traditional methods of advertising that push a target audience, you produce and publish a series of contents that the people want to find it because it provides real value to them and adjusts to their immediate needs.

Why should higher education institutions consider an Inbound Marketing strategy? Consider the following 5 points:

Your audience is digital natives. It is where they investigate, get involved, and spend several hours a day. Which means that you have constant opportunities to offer content in the exact time they are looking for them.

The needs of your audience are clear

In this case, you have the luck and advantage of knowing clearly what your audience is looking for. High school and college students are thinking the same thing: «What’s in it for them?» Your alumni want to feel good about their alma mater. Teachers want to work in a place that fits and feels good to them, and parents want to feel that their children will be safe and well educated, and finally, they will get a job. Why does all this matter? Well, since their needs are so clear, creating value through attractive content is much easier than it seems.

Universities already produce content, so this is not a huge change

Everything is a matter of positioning this content through the correct time and means. For example: Does your website have a collection of alumni profiles? Change the format to Questions and Answers as advice for potential students, direct them to your admission blog, and promote them in your social networks.

You have many stories to tell  

Each institution has a constant flow of news, events, and advice to offer, and moving stories to tell … is constantly evolving. And while mail and print are still useful methods for certain marketing objectives, the production of digital content is the only realistic and sustainable way to tell your ever changing stories and keep them fresh.

Inbound Marketing is green and profitable

The production of digital content does not require paper. It is ecological and effective. And, whether you produce it yourself or hire a marketing agency, inbound marketing can be profitable. For example, once you have an effective landing page to download a material, you can clone it for other downloads in the future.

Having said all this, traditional marketing does not have to be forgotten, the ideal is a combination of inbound and the traditional mass media. In Impactum we call it «media mix» and it works.

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