Fecha: 26 julio, 2023

Public Image: Impact from your person

The importance of having a good public image has ceased to be exclusive of those belonging to the world of show business, politics or public life. The reason is very simple, regardless of our profession, age or sex, we all have an «image«, which is exposed at all times, so it should always be appropriate to work to our benefit and not to our detriment .

The image is power.

83% of the decisions we make, we make through the eyes and everything you project will become the reality of your viewer. For what it is the first time you are in front of a client, looking good is essential to reach a sale.

While the image is better, the influence will be also. Your image can be planned with the aim of reflecting security, knowledge and professionalism, everything depends on what public image you want to develop.

Wearing a suit will never go out of style.

Having a formal suit in sober and tailored colors is the best investment you can make, regardless of whether you are a man or a woman.

To achieve a good public image, try to make the dress formal and subtle, and use the accessories (lenses, watches, bracelets, etc.) to show your personality without abuse.

Men’s shoes must be wooden soles, with laces and to match the suit; while those of women must have a heel of 5 to 10cm, closed and not heavily overloaded.

Some public image tips are:

  • If you will carry business cards, never store them in your wallet, as they can be deformed.
  • Always have a good pen, aesthetic and of good quality materials.
  • It is recommended to combine watch, tie, belt and shoes in the same range of colors.
  • Natural and careful nails are essential.

Finally, remember that a good public image depends a lot on 55% of how you look, 38% of how you communicate your messages, and 7% of what you say. Now reflect: What am I projecting with my image? And if that projection is according to your goals and objectives.

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