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Fecha: 17 julio, 2023

Marketing strategies for private educational institutions

The best marketing strategies for private educational institutions will prevent you from running into Facebook accounts of schools, which only upload photos of their coexistence or services without any purpose or that are advertised in digital directories, but do not really get more visits. This usually happens quite often, when you do not plan an educational marketing trategy suited to the specific needs of the company and only the most common means are used because the rest of the competition does so.

Within the world of marketing there may be different ways of advertising a service or product, but not necessarily all are equally effective. Even several strategies can already be considered obsolete according to the turn of the industry.

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Currently the Internet is fashionable, but you need to know how to use it to get the desired results. And, we are getting used to finding everything we need in a search engine, investing no more than one hour per search. Parents and adolescents prefer to search for schools online, viewing their web pages, social media accounts or even blogs with comments from other students, without really getting the information they needed.


One of the main pillars when planning a marketing strategy is digital positioning. Only in the state there are more than 400 private educational institutions, of which 80% have a web page. So when looking for schools, the options may be too many. That is why a good marketing strategy has to include a search for keywords and the use of them in all content, variety of information and different sites for which you can advertise, not just an account in a social network.


As well as planning based on the potential client, that means, identifying what types of clients they usually have and designing their profile with their interests, needs and constraints. So that later you can create campaigns focused only on them and not generic type that may generate many followers but few conversions to end customers.

Improve your processes

It is also important to implement automated processes that guide and inform the consumer effectively, with articles, guides or publications of any kind that can provide valuable information, with the aim of making an appointment in a personal way where the client knows the best possible the institution and reach an agreement or final vein, be quick, keeping both parties satisfied.


Finally everything revolves around what works and discard what does not. We recommend that if what you are looking for is to improve your positioning and attract more students, ask each prospect how he or she were convinced to ask for more reports, in order to assess whether expensive and old media such as spectacular, brochures and commercials on radio or TV. , they are fulfilling their function.
Within all digital strategies, customer tracking is very easy, low cost and allows constant evaluations to decide future investments or changes to be made. Do not do the same as the competition and learn to differentiate yourself with added value.


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