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Marketing Automation vs. Sales People, Team or substitute?

If you plan to carry out a sales and marketing strategy on the internet, you will surely arrive at a total chaos with the management of prospects if you do not have a plan. The internet is a kind and immense source so you can generate sales and can even save you hours and hours of work if you know how to use it, allowing you to do more impactful things for the growth of your business, we call this Marketing Automation. Let me tell you a little anecdote about Impactum:

Once one of our clients in a meeting told us about a congress he attended in order to generate more client prospects. They were successful and in fact they prepared very well for me, they managed to get an immense amount of data from potential clients for their company. The pain, problem, adversity, or whatever you want to call it, that we detected in them was that the time they would spend sending an email for each contact obtained from that weekend would take at least half a week more. And the interest of those people for their service would disappear. We helped them generate a mail marketing automation campaign where they could send these people a more personal email to each company in their database in addition to helping them send a single message to a considerable number of contacts. A week later we came together again to see the results of the mail campaign. At that time, a report of the emails sent showed them how many times each prospect opened that email, which ones had not opened it yet and which emails were false. By this point, our customers were very happy with the result of the automation since it saved them an immense job of marketing and sales process. Today they are happy and reaping the fruits of that marketing campaign we developed together.

The marketing automation is a great tool or better said methodology for the sales team of your company. Many times our clients come to us with the doubt: automation of marketing vs sellers, does one substitute the other ?, because the truth is that no. Traditionally in the companies it has been managed that the roll of the marketing team and the sales team have a different management from each other. This causes that between the communication between both companies is lost valuable information that could be decisive for the growth of the company.

The union between the marketing team and the sales team is called smarketing. By making these two departments work together you can get better communication and follow-up to your customers. The smarketing consists of different tools and one of them is the automation of marketing. As I mentioned in our history, automation gives you the advantage of saving time without neglecting personalized monitoring of each customer.

In addition to the automation of electronic mail, the smarketing has a tool called CRM (Client Relationship Management) with which you can have many benefits for monitoring your customers.

Make a summary of activities and results.

Something great that a CRM offers you is the summary of activities, marketing trends and contacts that you have within your company. This as administrator helps you to know quickly and concisely the performance and progress of your sales team. So, if you want to make a quick meeting with your marketing and sales team, you can support yourself in these details. Some of the information you will get from this summary is:

Contacts trend: in this section you can know the behavior of your contacts, how many new ones, how much the database has grown, etc.

Top of contacts: you can see which contacts have had better interaction with your automation campaigns this will help you infer.

Automations: You have access to all the automations that your company has made available to you.

Another feature is the automation of emails and contact lists. You can run a campaign of various emails without your client feeling like spam. These emails have the main characteristic that they are personalized and you can make a chain of e-mails to infer the degree of interest of the person. In addition to obtaining the metrics of the interaction of your emails.

And something very nice for you and your sales team is that you can get to have a visualization of your sales funnel. With the option of designing it in the different stages that you consider the best option and obviously, you can automate your sales funnel so that when a prospect moves from one phase to another, it does so on its own and only gives you the notification.

Also as a commercial manager or owner of your company, you can view the contacts of each member of your sales team. Having this information allows you to know the progress and progress of the commercial area, so you can develop strategies to encourage the motivation of people in this area.

The fact that you implement a marketing automation to your company, helps to greatly improve the performance of both your marketing and sales team. Those people in charge of marketing can monitor in real time each of your prospects, obtaining valuable information. They can see what information the prospects saw, at what time, how many times they saw it, etc. (I know, it sounds very scary and strange but this is how it works), thanks to this automation, the marketers can measure the degree of interest of the people and this can be sent to those people in the sales team who, thanks to this information, can infer easier the needs of the prospects for their companies.

The automation of marketing results in reduced sales and marketing expenses, increases the process of conversion of visit-prospect and prospect-client, and above all provides a better service to the customer, something I’ve seen that there is still a lot to exploit in the market of our country.

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