Is my website effective? The 3 fundamental pillars

«Is my website effective?» … if you are a business owner with a website, for sure this is a question you have ever asked yourself. Our website should be our main sales tool, for the following reasons:

  • people now use Google as their best advisor where they can find what they need, for each search that you are not, they are sales opportunities that you are losing
  • the web pages can count on very noble tools that allow you to know what result your marketing and sales strategy is having: the message, the public, the images, where they click, as far as they read, among much more information that is very important for your equipment
  • your website is a showcase of your company, 24/7, without geographical limit, or schedule

For these and other reasons, in this article I will tell you about 3 points that you must consider in order for your website to be effective, based on the 3 pillars of web design focused on growth:

Is my website effective? A: Minimize the risks associated with traditional web design

First of all, to avoid the risks associated with traditional web design you must adopt a position as a scientist, that is, you must be willing to work with a systematic approach, in search of truths, that allows you to shorten the time it takes to launch your website, what do I mean ?:

  1. You must know your target audience perfectly, to know who you are going to focus on, both your attraction and your convincing strategy within the page.
  2. Once you define them, choose what could be the products, media and phrases by which they could find you, that is, choose the features that your page should have, those for which they would like to visit and stay on your page. Remember that these are hypotheses based on what you defined by researching your target audience, and you will answer them until your website is up and running.
  3. With your hypothesis of what characteristics your page should have, prioritize them according to the impact they would have on your page: the most important thing is to obtain more and better customers.
  4. Constantly analyze your analytics to know what you should improve
  5. Once you have learned what you should improve (messages, images, public, etc.), transmit that knowledge to the rest of the company.

Is my website effective? A: Learn and constantly improve

As I told you, to answer your question «is my website effective?», You must be constantly researching, testing and learning about your visitors. For example: if people are not leaving their data, you can make a bigger button and put a big arrow to make it notice, and in 15 days review what happened. If you did not have as much data as you expected, you should analyze why: was the text that your button said? Was it the fact that your visits had to give many clicks? Was it not clear why they should leave their data? … in short, there may be many reasons, but the important thing is that you analyze it and do as many tests as necessary to hit the nail on the head.

Once solved what is the best practice to achieve your first goal, you can move on to the next, applying the same process as the first.

Here are the steps:

  1. Define your goals
  2. Prioritize your goals
  3. Define an experiment for each one, to solve what is the best practice
  4. Analyze the results of your experiment
  5. Learn from the results
  6. Transmit knowledge
  7. Repeat the process

 Remember that «through continuous improvement we can achieve maximum performance».

Is my website effective? Share your learned information to Marketing and sales

I know I have repeated it a lot, but it is very important for me to be clear about the fact that you must always transmit the knowledge learned to your entire company, especially to your Marketing and Sales departments. the Design that Leads to Growth is closely integrated with these, and everything we learn about visitors helps to inform and improve the strategies and tactics that are applied, both marketing and sales; and I do not mean exclusively the digital part, but also where we deal directly with people.

magine that you designed a campaign for your star product, for a specific type of customer; you defined your advertising message, the photographs, the promotions, the media … in short, you designed each point with great detail and applied it also on your website. Start your campaign and after the days you realize that the people who visit your page do not seem interested in what they read, and simply leave, so your team decides to use plan B of advertising message and modify it on their page and ¡¡ PUM! The prospects begin to fall. Your discovery: the message was not appropriate and they should use message B.

Now you must pass on that information to your sales team! Since the B message makes more click with the mind of your customers, it is much more likely that your sales team will empathize with them if they use this one and not message A.

I could tell you more examples, but I think the point was clear.

So now you know, if you already made the investment in a web page, make sure you get the most out of it and turn it into your #1 sales tool . Remember that in the long run you can save a lot of money on strategies that are not giving you results, because it is a source of infinite information if you know how to take advantage of it. 

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