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Fecha: 18 mayo, 2023

5 Innovative school marketing practices

A fundamental aspect of marketing is creativity, which works in conjunction with innovation. So here we advise you to follow these 5 innovative school marketing practices and grow your school to its maximum capacity.

They say that we receive between 3,000 and 7,000 advertising hits daily. Therefore, I recommend doing a marketing exercise: at the end of the day, try to think about how many of them you remember. It is very likely that they are really few and there is nothing wrong, since we are not used to retain that kind of information. We live in a world saturated with information, services, products … and in this context, differentiation is essential. And it is precisely here, at this point, where innovation and marketing converge: both disciplines seek novelty, differentiation and the creation of value focused on the client.

Within school marketing the same effect happens, we are so used to see spectacular, receive brochures and hear announcements on the radio of different schools and institutions that no longer impresses us or stays in our mind. And it is when the need arises to innovate the part of marketing, making use of the technological tools that we now have. Facing the already traditionally considered innovations of product and process, such as offers and discounts. Some of the practices that we recommend to make an innovative school marketing are:

Use a CRM

It is important that you are at the forefront, you can not let your competitors take advantage of you in certain aspects. For example, you can implement CRM systems (Customer Relationship Management) to keep a better record and track of your users, or not leave them forgotten if for some reason you did not take them the enough attention. And finally begin to develop a database of people interested in your school, with their data, to try to resume them in the future. Do not let anyone leave without asking for their main data.

Get them to see you on the Internet

Did you know that 97% of consumers use the Internet to search for information about products or services before buying them? Do not let the lack of communication and update affect your school, although it is not easy, and in some cases not free, you must remember that you are not alone. Practices as simple as optimizing your organic positioning in search engines is essential, making use of strategies such as keywords, market segmentation and original titles.

Contact your customers

A Facebook account or a blog, can make your reach much larger and less expensive than with the media normally used. Do not be afraid to announce your innovative educational model. Interacting with the environment: answering questions and conversing with users who request information or have doubts about the school or institution gives a lot of value. Contribute to the care of your corporate image and reputation. Besides that you make them feel, heard and important. And as a result the value information you generate will attract a lot of traffic and visits to your website.

Diversify your campaigns

Also do Email Marketing campaigns, Email Marketing is a strategy in which you send valuable information to all the people who have given their permission to do so. It is a way to always be present in the social context of your consumer; that can be automated. So this will receive interesting and constant information and you as owner will save a lot of time and effort. But always with the same quality of work.

Measure your ROI

Mass advertising for schools is still important, but remember to analyze your client very well before deciding what to hire, do not choose the one you like, but the one that frequents your market. The acquisition cost is a monetary measure that indicates the cost of a user or prospect making a first purchase on the site. That is, what you invest in each advertising medium you divide among the prospect who came to you, thanks to that medium, and that will be your ROI. The digital strategies are up to now, with better cost and greater effectiveness.

As an extra fact, do not forget to include in all your advertising a map of the location of your school and if you can link to Google, much better.

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