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Industrial Marketing, examples of 5 media that you are not taking advantage of

Speaking of Industrial Marketing, there may be many examples, however it is very common that we get involved in the same actions as always, but as they say: «to achieve different results, you have to do different actions«. And that’s why today we will talk about 5 media that other companies have used, and that you probably have not tried:

Industrial Marketing 5 media examples

1 Social Media: example of industrial marketing that connects

Despite being an example of B2C company, Everlane could open a hole to your creativity. Each of Everlane’s social media accounts works to break the barrier between the customer and their favorite brand. By illustrating how and why behind what they do, Everlane offers a window to the company’s culture and differs from similar fashion brands. My point with this example is that when you think about industrial marketing the examples are usually very gray and boring; in the end you are dealing with people and your company is doing much more than a screw; so a good way to connect with your customers is by telling their stories and letting them know what is beyond the screw, who are the people behind it. As recent social media trends move away from the public and toward the private, Everlane has done an exceptional job of using Snapchat to send messages to their customers who feel honest and personal, and this is precisely what I mean.

2 Blog: an example of the voice of your industrial marketing

Who says that B2B marketing has to be boring? If you’re looking for examples of industrial marketing, take a look at Microsoft Stories  and get ready to be impressed. The first thing you will notice is the visual quality of the site (which personally fascinated me when I saw it for the first time). Unlike following a blog template, each post is personalized with parallax, animated graphics and ingenious illustrations. Beyond the design, the writing is reminiscent of the characteristic of journalism, packed with empathic characters and a personal touch. Despite the immense resources of a brand like Microsoft, this blog nevertheless establishes a high bar for the narration of products.

3 Video for Industrial Marketing, example of stories:

Successful B2B marketers know the power of case studies. And especially for brands in the SaaS space, these success stories are often necessary to share the personalization of the product to the user. Hootsuite, creator of a social media administration panel, uses video to highlight the personality of its clients in each case study. Check out the series on their YouTube channel to see an impressive example of each part of the video process: interviews, production and editing.

4 Microsites, sales window of the Industrial Marketing, example:

In the field of B2B marketing, a solid understanding of data visualization can be a make-it-or-break-it (do it or let it go) attribute. Intuit  is a company that sells financial software for companies, and one of its strategies is to create content of value for its public. An example of this is an infographic where the UK division of the company explores the growing trend of working from home and how that has affected the work culture.

5 Email as an industrial marketing medium, example:

Litmus, is an e-mail testing and analysis platform, establishes a high bar for what email campaigns can achieve. Unlike static text, each email uses eye-catching GIFs and eye-catching colors so that the reader feels as if they are on a professionally designed website, not in their inbox. Due to the superior visual elements, Litmus avoids the graymail trap (newsletters to which you subscribe but in the end you do not see value) and invites subscribers to explore their content further.

f you look at the end it’s all about connecting with your audience, with the market you’re looking for. Think about how you could make your experience of knowing your brand and talk to them about what interests them, in a more enjoyable and unique way. Here I only gave you 5 examples of industrial marketing, but there are many more. In fact Impactum and we did the task for you and we collected some of them, I invite you to take a look and tell us what you think; Just click on the box below! 😉

P.S. Do you already apply similar strategies in your B2B company? Tell us! We like to hear their stories 🙂

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