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Fecha: 30 mayo, 2023

An inbound agency in INCmty 2016

Last November the INCmty 2016 event took place in the city of (you guessed it) Monterrey, and as every year we could not miss, only that this time we were not only participants, we had been invited as speakers to give a workshop to bring the methodology of inbound marketing to more people, specifically the focus on their buyer persona.

The event in general is very inspiring especially for us young people, it is full of success stories of people who are already succeeding with innovative projects, talks about new ways of doing things and new technological innovations, great universities and institutions like incubators and large companies that promote innovation among their people were present in this event and all with a common goal, bring more and more people to the world of entrepreneurship with innovation, generate connections and promote the economic growth of the country through entrepreneurs .

This is just the third edition of INCmty and I am very happy to say that it is one of the best quality entrepreneurship events in the country to which I have had the opportunity to go, first promoted by the # 1 university in entrepreneurship in the country , the ITESM but little by little they have been taking off from the organization to the point that nowadays the event is organized mostly outside the university and by many other private and governmental organizations.

As the founder of Impactum I believe that these events are very useful to energize people, this is why this year we travel with all of the company to attend the event and I must say that it was completely worth it since returning what is missing. It is time to apply the ideas and we all have much more desire to do new things and apply what we have learned.

The 3 days were very intense, activity after activity, there was an average of 20 different activities every hour that you could choose, that is the complicated of this type of events, decide what you want to attend, but I must say that all the content it was excellent and the most hectic day of all was the Saturday that we had to give our workshop a little before the conference of Sir Richard Branson, but I must say that they gave us all just enough time to leave the workshop and go to the talk.

In the workshop we met 30 entrepreneurs, businessmen, academics and investors who gave us 2 hours of their time (which is saying a lot considering that they had 20 other options) to talk to them about inbound marketing, specifically from the buyer persona. We got into very varied topics such as the relationship between the buyer persona with design thinking and the lean startup and customer development, the difference between a buyer persona and a market target, there was a lot of interaction and questions about it, we broke a couple of paradigms and finally put hands to work creating their first buyer persona, in short, the interaction with everyone was amazing, the group very varied and participatory and we hope we have left a valuable learning, for those who want to know more about the issues seen in the workshop I leave the presentation


This edition of INCmty we learned a lot, we joined as a team, we reached another level being speakers of an event of this category and in general we are very happy with all the experience gained, we hope to continue participating in the following years and continue contributing with valuable content .


We want to follow the hubspot philosophy and keep taking the methodology of inbound marketing one company at a time.

If you are interested in knowing more about inbound marketing and specifically about thebuyer persona, I recommend you download the following template to make your own buyer persona for your company:

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