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How to write an ebook for your company in 1 week, and not die

First of all to know how to write an ebook we have to know what an ebook is … An ebook is an electronic book that is in digital format with the same edition of any book but with alternative links options on the web.

A business ebook can have different approaches and purposes, however one that is focused on promoting and informing about your business, your processes or benefits. Is something with more value in the market, something that can differentiate you from the rest of your competitors and it does not need a big investment, so anyone can do it. It is also a way to vary your digital content, which can make your followers keep track of your page and its news. And more importantly you do not have to go through the slowly process that a publisher requires you to publish your book.

Now, writing an ebook for your company is easy, but doing it in a week; That’s where the challenge begins. Mainly because everything you can do in 6 months you have to plan for 7 days, however it is not impossible and everything is a matter of determination and follow these simple steps:

Define the topic

The first thing you have to focus on is choosing the main theme of the ebook, and does not refer only to the title you will have, but it will be a general topic from which you can derive several subtopics and about which you have extensive knowledge and be more efficient writing this.

Within the definition of the subject, an important point is to validate, that is, to make sure who is your target market for the ebook and if this is really interested in knowing more about the chosen topic and if not, see how to vary the issue or generate new strategies to create new attention.

Design a scheme or index of work

Once you have selected the main theme, it is time to plan which variants you want to address, this does not mean that if you are going to talk about business models, you have to talk about all the existing types. But you must analyze which content you manage best and which forecasts are going to have a better impact.

Put in order the scheme or index as if it were to be the definitive one, for a better vision of the ebook in general and decide which concepts are going to be explained in each area.

The Schedule

Once the scheme is established it is very important that you objectively set the times that will be carried in each stage. This includes the time devoted to the in-depth investigation of some concepts, to the writing, editing, revision, etc.

The key point is to try to put everything of the process in terms of time, without forgetting any detail, so that you can reach your goal of achieving it in a week and begin to prioritize and create awareness that it is a short time and everything has to be done in the most effective way. All in order to meet those times, since it is useless to assign a certain number of hours to each activity if at the end of the day nobody does it, the point is to create commitment and responsibility in the work team.

On-going planning

This is the right time to give the final instructions to your work team, reaffirm them the final goal, the deadlines, the specific responsibilities of each person and even motivate them. Not because it is a challenging task you have to scare your staff, instead show them the importance of making an ebook and the benefits that this can bring.

So, get to work. Never stop watching each stage and if you can optimize times in doing quality simultaneous things, do not hesitate to do so. As if you see that something is not going according to the plan, stop it and look for a solution instantly, avoiding wasting time.

Final redaction

Once each section of the ebook is written, the next step is to put everything in order and with consistency. In this step you always need to have the initial theme of the ebook in mind and start from there; since many times if you put different people to work in different contents it can be that some of them use a formal language and an informal one if you did not clarify it from the beginning, or that some examples are repeated, etc. The objective is to create coherence in a way that the content is in order and that at the moment the client reads it, he can follow the thread of the story without problems.

If you need it, ask an expert to review spelling topics, bibliographic citations, links, images and basic elements such as the introduction and conclusion.

Graphic Desing

This may be the most fun part since heavy work is almost finished. This is when you design the cover of your ebook, if you want it to be very striking or more sober, the colors and typography of the entire ebook.

Do not be afraid of being innovative and creative, you can summon a brainstorm if you wish and all in order to attract the reader through the eyes, since it will be the first thing that is set. It must be something concrete and easy to understand the first time, to generate a greater number of visits or sales.


In case your company can give the opportunity to summon external people to read your ebook and give you quick and concise feedback before putting it on the market, do not hesitate to do so. Because what better feedback than what comes from your potential customers, knowing what they liked exactly and what is not, is something of great commercial value.

Once your ebook is validated, make the changes you consider necessary and those that can create more value; so in this way be ready and take out without any mishap your ebook to the market, 7 days after an intense work.

*An additional recommendation is that you do not leave the ebook process there, but if you have time to do it later, you also generate a marketing strategy focused only on the ebook. This can be better known, reach more consumers and therefore generate more sales.

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