How to use a blog as a sales strategy?

All marketers and ‘gurus’ of marketing know how to say that content is the king and that one of the cheapest strategies for any company is to generate their own content. In our agency we know it perfectly but in the beginning it seemed difficult to achieve but soon became an everyday activity, very simple to follow and that has brought us incredible results, not only because it provides a cove of interaction with prospects, but because it is also a great support tool for the sales team, then I want to share some ideas of how we use our blog as a sales strategy and how it has helped us increase our prospects up to 67% more.

Advantages of having a blog

1. Positioning

If what you want is to position your domain this is one of the best ways to do it, there are many things to consider in an SEO strategy such as the structure of your page, the relevance of your domain etc … but that will be subject for another post , this time we will pay more attention to the fact that each page of your site is positioned independently, that is, it may be that in certain search terms your main page appears while in other searches your services page first comes out and in some others leave some of your articles, this and exactly what we are looking for, position the articles in search terms of long tail, this means that we are not going to try to position ourselves in words like «car», «red cars» but we can position ourselves in words like «red cars in Querétaro brand Ford» «red cars model 2010 for sale» that are much more specific terms, less competed and that at the same time we know that the people who look for those specific terms that are more likely to take action.

2. Engagement

Another advantage of using a blog as a sales strategy for our company is that we can increase engagement with our customers, the engagement does not have a literal translation but is understood as the continuous and voluntary interaction of your customers with your company. Your blog opens the possibilities for your customers to interact since they can read your information, they can comment, they can share it on their social networks or some enthusiasts can even invite them to collaborate and write with you, it depends on your industry but you can make your blog has a great interaction with very simple actions such as making sure to include buttons to share your articles on social networks and have a good comment system, there are some plugins that work in conjunction with social networks so that the fact of commenting on your page makes that at the same time your comment is posted on your Facebook page (to mention something). Depending on your industry you can have great results with a blog with good engagement.

3. Education

In addition to all the above, a blog as a sales strategy is a great tool for prospecting education because it has the information your clients may need to know more about your industry, about your services or to solve their doubts on their own. The websites of companies are usually designed to attend the purchase stage in the decision making but a blog helps you to give information to your prospect in the other 2 stages and guess what? 80% of your prospects will be in the first 2 stages.

Uses of the blog as a sales strategy

These are some examples of how in addition to the advantages that I already mentioned about having a blog as a sales strategy in your company, how this can effectively help your sales process.

Generates confidence

Have you ever had to explain something to a prospect? What better than doing it with an article from your own blog, many times it happens that there is a recurring question that comes up with many of our prospects and sometimes we easily solve them by including a link to an article that explains it in a clear and simple way. Well, if that link in that article is from your own blog, you will generate more confidence, you will project a more professional image (not any company has its own blog).

Use your blog as a prospect tracking tool.

Especially for businesses whose sales cycle is usually very long, those who sell to other businesses, whose price or trading periods require the commitment of their clients and this causes the negotiations to require different administrative levels and several decision makers agree, have you ever wished that at that time they do not forget you? The answer is simple, subscribe them to your blog, although there are many people who do not take very well this is still a strategy to consider, especially if you try to send an email first asking them for permission or warn them in a friendly way and ensuring that they can unsubscribe anytime. This automatically sends them mail from your company and not the typical boring follow-up mail from the seller that you know that all you want is to close the sale, but an email with information that can be very useful for your prospect.

Generateup to 67% more leads.

A well-made blog is also an excellent tool to get prospects. People who come to read an article of your company made for any of the stages of decision making in theory are in that stage, that’s why they were interested in the first place and that’s why they read it until the end, under this assumption you can at the end of your articles offer a CTA (call to action) to a value proposition of your company and in this way capture the prospect. If you want to know specifically how this strategy works it is very simple, just see the end of this article and if you have already arrived, consider downloading our ebook that will complement these strategies of a blog with other inbound marketing strategies to increase your sales.

In summary:

  • A blog as a sales strategy helps you give valuable information to your prospects
  • If you have a good interaction, a blog as a sales strategy can help you create more prospects and keep them hooked to your company
  • Writing articles helps you to position your page in search engines, especially in terms of long queue search, that is, very specific that make your blog as a sales strategy is extremely effective
  • We recommend you use the articles of your blog wisely, send them by mail to your prospects to expand the information you provide them and this at the same time will create more confidence in your company.
  • Subscribe to the prospects to your blog, the worst thing that can happen is that they themselves unsubscribe and will help you to keep in touch with them in a useful way and not with the typical mail of selfless follow-up.
  • A blog well managed and constantly updated helps you generate new prospects, remember to include a call to action and you will have a blog as a sales strategy


So you know, if you want to use a blog as a sales strategy either to improve your company’s sales or to save your salespeople you can call us, we specialize in the development of content and content plans for B2B companies, although we also serve another type of companies. We have specialized team in each of the areas of content marketing, editors, designers and writers for any industry. We work with university editors thanks to an agreement with the Tecnologico de Monterrey where outstanding students from companies related to the industry of your company are in charge of writing your content, we train them and supervise that their work is of quality and the needs of your business.

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