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Fecha: 12 julio, 2023

How to make a correct industrial market segmentation?

As a B2B company, it is extremely important to understand how to achieve a segmentation of industrial markets, since the success or failure of our commercial goals depends on this.

Just think about it, at the time of selling, we have to communicate with people from specific departments of other companies to sell them, such as Management, Purchasing, Logistics, among others (depending on what we sell).

Each of these people has different problems and needs, just because they are different departments; It does not matter that it is the same company (sure has happened to you). This means that we have to talk to each one with a different language and about different points (maybe that’s why you were looking for solutions for your industrial market segmentation).

For this it is important to define a specific strategy for each of them, and this is where the segmentation of industrial markets comes in. It is important to understand 4 areas of your ideal clients, and these should be based on real facts, that means, the ideal is to be able to answer each area according to what you have faced with your clients and current prospects.

This is called buyer persona, and its objective is to obtain a repeatable profile of your ideal client, in order to create intelligent and effective strategies based on the client. The 4 areas are:


1. Who is he?

Identify what their customs are and where we can find them according to their lifestyle:

  • Position, studies and salary
  • Family
  • Where he lives and how he moves
  • How do he  prefer to communicate

2. What he needs?

In this step, we want to know how we can help them solve their problems and / or achieve their goals.

  • What do he want to achieve?
  • What are their main challenges to achieve their goals?
  • What are their aspirations and desires?

3. Most common difficulties?

hink about what are the most common objections:

  • Maybe they had a bad experience in the past with a similar provider, maybe the problem is not that you are expensive, but that another one arrived who malbated your work, or maybe they are worried about the extra investments that it entails, such as time or extra training.

Generate a strategy to dissolve each one

4. How should I communicate?

Once you know the lifestyle of the person, as well as their goals and problems, it will be easier for you to create your communication strategy, with greater success. This is where we already define what will be the message we are going to transmit to our ideal clients: the essence of the message, the medium and the words.



If you look at it, it is very simple and complex at the same time. In Impactum we do this exercise with each of our clients, and there have been cases where they have even changed the whole focus of the company, because they had never done such an analysis of their segment. So if you really want to make a change in your company and move towards your goals in a better way, I invite you to reconsider the paradigm that exists around the segmentation of industrial markets, and apply this in your company. You will be surprised! And remember:

“…to each one (person of different positions) we have to speak with a different language and about different points.

Pd. The story does not end here, if you want to know more, I recommend you download our guide on «How to improve the results of B2B sales in industrial companies», I’m sure it will give you another approach to things (and it’s free!)

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