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How to improve B2B sales: Distribution channels for industrial products

As a B2B company it is very common to think of tele-marketing as one of your main distribution channels for industrial products … admit it, it is the most used means to get new customers, but it is important to understand that customers have channels or preferred means to be contacted. That is, depending on the type of person you want to reach, it is the type of channel you must implement.

You have to be careful, because you’re not the only one trying to sell them, so companies start to form «evasion» processes, like the typical «send me information by mail«, where it is very likely that it will be buried among the others thousands of SPAM emails. For this reason you should plan very well when it comes to distribution channels for industrial products.

For this, we propose serve content strategies, which is everything when they are present on the Internet. The fact that your company has a website where you express the benefits of your service or product, is not enough; you must provide small «gifts» that fall in love little by little. This is precisely what the content does.

Likewise, the more content you are publishing on your site, the higher the rating that the search engines give you, which means that you will be better positioned in the lists of results of these, and will help you to have more visits on your site, which they can be translated into more potential customers. It’s a virtuous circle!

¿What type of content should I create?

One of the most common formats are blogs, then, once you have identified the characteristics of your ideal client, write about how you could solve those problems of their company. See it as a distribution channel of your industrial product where you will incubate those sales opportunities (through the content) until they are ready to buy you.

What are the advantages of this distribution channel?

  • Position yourself organically, that means, appear on Google without having to pay. * Of course, for this it is important that you consider a strategy of key words that it really works for you.
  • Instruct your audience on how you can help them, but beware, here may be a bit complex, because you have to prove that you are an expert in the industry without selling blatantly.
  • Help your sales team: THIS IS THE MOST IMPORTANT! A well-linked strategy helps your team know what the prospect is interested in, and so when you contact them, you increase the chances of getting a business.



  • You should always add the buttons so that your readers can share your articles on social networks easily (it’s like a digital «word of mouth»)
  • Never forget the call to action (that is, since they read you, what should they do next? What will you offer them to enter your sales funnel?)


  • Create histories: it will be easier to conect with the brand and with people so thay can remember you. Be a B2B comapny does not mean you have to be monotonous. 

  • Take advantage of the videos: these must be short (2 min should be the limit); is éstos deben ser cortos (2 minutos debería ser tu límite máximo); is more likely to get seen. 

  • Lean on other resources such as emails, microsites, pages, etc., to create a more immersive experience.


So now you know, there are more distribution channels for industrial products that you are probably not taking advantage of, and you should give them a chance, because I’m sure you’ll be surprised by the results. In the long term it is a more profitable medium, with lower acquisition costs and better qualified prospects … so do not throw it out and start testing it in your company.

If you want to learn a little more about this, read our free guide on «How to improve B2B sales results in industrial companies», I’m sure it will help you a lot. Just click on the box below:

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