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Fecha: 12 julio, 2023

How to identify a good SEO Marketing Company?

It is crucial to be aware of the main aspects that a good SEO Marketing Company should have. Let’s think about it this way: A successful and proper company whose principal service is Inbound and SEO, should have perfect and faultless signs of this on their own website page and every site that conforms to the agency. 


There are many signs of this. In this article you will be able to identify the most important and main aspects that a good SEO Marketing Company should have. But first; why do we have to be aware of these signs? Which consequences could happen if we invest in one agency that is not qualified enough to offer a proper service?  Keep reading!


5 main reasons why you should go on and create an immediate relationship with that agency or run away from it

1. The agency must demonstrate that they use or apply their own knowledge


You can get to know this when you visit their website. Besides of the design of their website, which has to be attractive and modern, their website has to contain 8 principal aspects

  • You should find their website really quick on Google search just looking for their services and the location. This is the fastest way to know that they are having good practices of SEO. 
  • They should contain optimized content and services based on the 4 stages of Inbound Marketing: Attract, convert, close and delight. 
  • Active blog section.
  • Social media active buttons.
  • Call to actions.
  • Landing Pages.
  • Fast Response Capabilities. Maybe an integrated chatbot which is connected directly to their CRM or Facebook Messenger.

Effective strategy of conversion based on the TOFU (top of the funnel), MOFU (middle of the funnel) and BOFU (bottom of the funnel).

2. Professional and trustworthy team

Having a good and prepared team is essential to receive the best results. Talking as an intern member of a marketing agency, every single person who is going to work for you has to be completely conscient of what and why they are doing that specific activity. Mechanising processes produces poor results. 


Maybe you will meet two or three members of their team, meeting everybody probably will not happen, but you will notice the quality of their work if you ask for references from them. You could ask for a link to the website of one of their clients or at least a conversion path, which may give you an idea of how they work.   

3. Go deeper if you have to

You are completely free to make questions to the agency, even if that question is not so common. You have to feel trust and confidence with it, do not keep any doubt, asking the necessary questions may make you realize how good or how bad the connection between you and the agency would be. 


Sometimes, even when the agency is completely professional and brings you optimized results, if the connection or trust is not appropriate, maybe you won’t feel completely fine. Think about this as a friendship, you have to be comfortable and happy, not just hanging out or having a good time, you have to feel completely good with him/her


4. The objective and culture of the agency are directly related to the results you will receive

Your vision and the agency’s vision should be aligned. It is completely proven that when you get that “click” with an enterprise, business or agency, the results and every part of the project you will be making together will flow faster and better. It is not just about direct results, it is about confidence too


5. Success cases and a perfect NPS

You are completely free to ask for a success case or references which can make you feel more confident and sure about your decision of working with them. For a good marketing agency, it is common that these cases are posted on their website. You can see the name of their clients, the company and which benefits provided them


In Impactum we know the importance of making yourself welcome to our success cases with implementation of Inbound Marketing to our agency. We are sure this will surprise and interest you. Get access to this information just by one click on the next button “Success case with Inbound Marketing

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