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How to generate content for my company *Tip: it takes less time than you think

If you came to this article, maybe it is because you have heard some comment or benefit of having your own content for digital media, and now you are looking for how to do it … congratulations! It is actually much more beneficial to have our own content for digital media. Just to be sure that we are in the same channel, I will remind you of some of its benefits:

  1. It positions you as a leader in your industry: if you are really good at creating relevant content for your ideal clients, they will begin to see you as a company that knows what it does, and will turn to you when they need help in this regard.
  2. It helps you generate more prospects or potential customers: according to a study conducted by the  AMIPCI (Mexican Association of the Advertising and Commercial Internet Industry, AC), companies that use a content strategy, generate up to 67% more prospects than those that do not, mainly those that sell to businesses (B2B).
  3. It helps you position yourself organically: as you know, in search engines like Google, you can position yourself by paying ads and / or keywords; or in an organic way, that is, using within your content phrases or words that your ideal customers are looking for, without paying Google. In general, the second is a more long-term strategy, due to the time it takes; however, generating content for your page helps you speed up the process a bit.

These are just some of the main benefits of having your own content, and now that we are on the same page, we can move on to the important thing: how to generate content for my company? I will present 4 steps that, although at the end of the article you can think that it is a lot of work (which I will not deny you), I assure you that if you put them into practice you will be able to save a lot of time and you will see how it is worth to implement a strategy of content (especially if you link to other tools).

1.How to generate content for my company, oriented to my ideal client

Before starting with your content strategy, it is extremely important that you have these two things very clearly:

  1. The goal of your campaign: you must know what you want to achieve when people enter your page, whether they leave your information, buy directly from you, help you spread your brand, among others. Each company is at a different point in the life cycle, so each one must define what is the next step that needs to be given, on which their campaign will depend.
  2. The profile of your ideal client: the position of «all people are my clients» is not valid nor «I can not define a profile because my market is very wide and varies a lot» … ok, I agree that at the beginning you can. It’s hard to think of a profile, especially if our product applies to moms, offices, schools, and industry; but precisely, you deal with a «specific» decision-maker in each of them, from whom you could describe some pattern of behavior, its goals and most common problems. This is what I mean by identifying the profile of your ideal clients. The goal is for you to know exactly what «hurts them most» (their problem or need), how you will help them, and in what language you will communicate them (that is, how they express themselves). Once this is clear, you can start designing your messages and the type of content you need.

Another important point that you should not forget, is the type of content that you can create according to the stage of purchase in which that person is; the point is to help him move forward in each of the stages, until he becomes a client:

  • Exploration: our person has a problem and looks for answers to understand it better. In this stage you can create a Content Marketing strategy where you provide relevant information through a blog, Ebooks, videos or files that serve as templates.
  • Evaluation: our ideal client already knows exactly what his problem or opportunity is, and looks for how to solve it. Here, as you are already looking for services / products as such, you can show them what you do: like a free demo, a video or a success story.
  • Decision: you know what you want and decide between 2 or 3 options. Now you can be more aggressive, like with a free advice, a live demonstration or a discount coupon.

2.How to generate content for my company with a creative process

Here many times we try to break our heads trying to create the black thread … because of course we all want to be the most creative; but you do not need to mess it up, just think «What is my ideal client most often looking for?» It is assumed that at this stage of the process you already know it perfectly, so it can not be very difficult (or at least not , initially). You can follow some of these tips:

Keep track of the most common doubts: when you are contacted, your possible client and you, there are usually some questions, write them down! They are exactly the kind of content you need, because you could explain in a more detailed way the solution to their concern. According to HubSpot, it is a good strategy to have content to solve the doubts of our prospects and clients (whether in video, article, presentation, infographic, or whatever suits you best).

Think about what situations are related to your problem or need: Sometimes our ideal client is not 100% sure what they need to look for, as we mentioned above, so you can leverage situations that could be related to the main problem. For example:

  • Your business is a School and your client’s profile is moms with kindergarten and primary school children: What this mom would normally do would be talk with other moms and research rankings of local schools. So you can create content of the advantages and disadvantages of teaching methodologies; the 3 characteristics that every school must comply with; tips to choose the best school, according to the character of your child; and so you can think of it.
  • You are a nutritionist and your client is a 30-year-old woman concerned about her health and physical well-being: What your client would do would be to look for physical classes to stay active and look for healthy and perhaps easy-to-prepare food options. So you can show easy and healthy recipes in less than 15 minutes; 5 things you should consider when choosing a physical activity; what kind of physical activity to choose according to your lifestyle …

I think you have understood my point, the goal is to be aware of everything that our client may be going through, and how we can make life easier for him in each step he takes.

3.How to generate content for my company with a Content Plan

The content plan is nothing more than an «Excel» that helps you know exactly what you are going to publish; what day and at what time; and to whom it is addressed (to which of your ideal customer profiles). Believe me, this file will be like your bible, and will help you throughout the publication process. Next I will list what this Plan should contain, for blogs and social networks, since they are the main ones:

For blog articles on your web page:

  • Who will write it
  • Time and date of delivery
  • Time and date of publication
  • Name of the article and brief description of what it will be
  • Keyword to position
  • To which ideal client profile is directed
  • Article link

For Social Media:

  • Date and time of publication
  • Message
  • Link
  • Campaign to which it belongs
  • Image or video that accompanies the post
  • Editor in charge

Having this helps you a lot, because you already know exactly how to distribute the work and makes the rest of the processes, such as writing and design, much more efficient, since they already have a guide.

Also, by having a record of what and when each thing happened, it helps you track what your posts on blog or social networks were most successful, and you can reuse them or create similar content. For example: if you had an article that was very popular, you can reuse the information and present it as an infographic or presentation as SLIDESHARE;; or maybe you could do a little tutorial, like a video. Personally, I would recommend that you try all the possible formats, because this will help you discover which ones work best according to your ideal client, as well as which are those in which your team is better developed.

4.How to generate content for my company by listening to the public

Although you already have your entire month well planned, with each of the publications that will be coming out in the different media, it is highly recommended that you do not lose the interaction with your audience, that is, with those who have already arrived. There are times when they  «demand» a certain type of content, either because they are liking what you are doing so far or because they are interested in certain topics.

Stay tuned, because this can lead you to two scenarios:

  1. You have to create a flash content and publish it immediately, as soon as you can; or
  2. That these «requests» save you in the next month of having to be thinking about what topics to develop.


Very good, you did reach the end! I know it may seem like a lot of work, but do not worry, with the right organization and with the right people in your work team, you can stop asking «how to generate content for my company?» and start acting. Do not get overwhelmed, you can always ask for help; Any questions you have, you can leave your comment. You can also support you in our Ebook where we mention strategies that integrate the content part, to increase the results.

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