How to design for social networks, without being a designer?

In a company, we all want captivating images that draw the attention of our audience. However, the stage of designing for social networks usually becomes a tedious process due to the time it takes us to make each of the designs for Facebook or Twitter or the corresponding social network (and if we add to this the factor that we are not designers, we can feel lost) … believe me, I understand you perfectly! For this, the wonders of technology and the Internet work in our favor: now we can create attractive, simple and professional designs, without having to invest a lot of time in it … what am I talking about? Nothing more and nothing less than Canva for work. It is a tool, online, to create attractive marketing materials.

Why will you love Canva for work?

  1. You do not have to download anything. Sometimes, having to install a design program on our computers can become a problem, because there are times when, if we do not have the right equipment, they become very slow. With Canva you can enter from anywhere with internet, only with your username and password.
  2. Centralize the colors of your brand, logos and typographies. It is important to maintain the corporate image of our company, and this tool facilitates this; in one place you determine the color codes, the type of font, upload the logos of your company, and boom! Now you can have easy access to all this in all your designs.
  3. Create and save templates. If you ask me, this is one of the best features of Canva, since you should only invest time once in designing your template, whether it’s Facebook, Twitter, eBooks Covers, Posters, and what you imagine. You will save that time you want so much, preserving the image of your company, and always with professionalism.
  4. Change the size of your designs easily. If you are a bit obsessive, and you worry that all the images you post will look good, according to the standard sizes of the social network you are using, and publish the same post in more than one network social, this feature will enchant you; just click 3 times, and the magic is done, you have your same design with the perfect size for the social network you need.
  5. Invite your collaborators. Many times we are more than one person who are responsible for the design of social networks, so that being able to distribute work on the same platform is like a dream. You can know what designs have been made, for each of your collaborators.

What should you keep in mind when designing for social networks?

  1. Go to your ideal client You must know your ideal client perfectly: what they are looking for, what their goals are, how they communicate and what language they use; and as we have mentioned before, you can not say that ALL are your customers. This with the aim of attracting the attention of the public we want, almost immediately, and increase our sales possibilities. You can learn how to define your ideal client more clearly, in our article: do you really know your ideal client?
  2. Focus on the benefits All people are looking for something: solve a problem, cover an opportunity or need, or just a whim. It is for this reason that we must understand our ideal client perfectly, to know what he is or could be looking for and that we can cover with our product or service. Once you understand it, you can write that feature or benefit in the header to get your prospect’s attention, and use the body of the advertisement to describe it (try to always be as clear and concrete as possible)
  3. «An image says more than a thousand words» Always use striking images, and if possible people, because we usually feel more identified with them. Also, make sure that these are of good quality, because although the concept of the image or photograph is good, if it does not have the correct resolution, it will harm you, instead of helping you.
  4. Measure your results. We are talking about social networks! You should definitely measure the results of each of your publications to optimize your efforts: which message worked best, with what image, what audience it was directed to, what day of the week and at what time it was posted, what kind of people commented it, shared or gave him a thumbs up … all this information helps you to know exactly what kind of content you should publish and in what format.

I’m sure that after this, if you’re like me, you should be very excited to try Canva for work to design for social networks, but I must warn you, before you get disappointed, that you have to pay for this marvel … but it really is worth it ; so I highly recommend you give it a try.

So now you know, there are options to design for social networks, for non-designers, having the opportunity to obtain attractive and professional results (of course, it depends on the taste of each person, but it is a great help).

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