How to create attractive web pages

Surely you’ve heard the phrase «if you’re not on the Internet, you do not exist» (or something similar), referring to the importance of having a website and making a presence of a brand; and they are right: people, when they need to solve a problem, look for their solutions on the internet more in physical media, the proof is that they make more than 3 billion searches, in Google, per day.

However, it is not only about making a web page, but also about facilitating navigation, to the prospects, through it; and to provide relevant information from the first moment they arrive at your page, as Valeria Murgich mentions it, in their Merca 2.0 article, clients almost never reach the end of the page, so you must put the most important at the start of your site.

Likewise, it is extremely important that your site is optimized for mobile phones. Has it never happened to you to enter a web page from your cell phone, and you can not read and have to do many actions to navigate through it? because that means that it is NOT optimized for mobile. According to the AMIPCI (Mexican Internet Association), in 2014 50% of Internet searches were made from smartphones (and this only in Mexico), so it becomes an important feature to consider in your web design.

As they say, an image says more than a thousand words, so this time I present the information in an infographic, excerpt from our Ebook: 6 steps to grow my company using digital marketing, where I show you some tips for obtaining pages attractive websites for your potential clients, to increase the possibility of spending more time in these and, at least, consider contacting us:

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