How to attract students, using Inbound Marketing?

In Impactum we have learned that educational institutions have two main problems: they want to attract students (more and better), and they want to improve their positioning. Likewise, we have noticed that they share mainly two actions that have prevented them from complying with their previous goals:

  1. They do not know how to communicate their true differentiator (what makes them better and different)
  2. They do not measure their sales process or funnel

All this can be solved with Inbound Marketing, and today I will explain how it can help you attract students:

To attract students, first: Who are your students?

As I mentioned before, one of the main problems for which educational institutions fail to attract students, as they would like, is because they fail to communicate their true differentiator. Let me tell you something: only your own students can tell you what is that valuable differentiator that you offer, and sadly, most of the educational institutions do not really know their students, they just take things for granted …

You’ll think I’m crazy, maybe you’re thinking: how are we not going to meet our own students?! Well, I ask you: have you ever talked to them, and do you REALLY know their true reasons for signing up with you? If you answered no, do not worry, there you still have your students to talk to them; and if you answered yes, I congratulate you (but do not kid yourself, a survey will not give you this answer, just a real conversation).

Inbound Marketing, unlike traditional advertising media, seeks to put itself in the students’ place (that is, to empathize with them), both in its goals and in the place where they would be looking for you (that is, mainly digital media). ).

Many times I tell our clients: if you really want to attract students, your current students are your main sales weapon. From them you can learn what their motivations are for enrolling in your school, what dreams they want to achieve, what problems they want to solve, etc. Likewise, you will know which means of communication they frequent the most, and how they express themselves. All this will help you empathize more with them, and have better results with your message. This is the first step to create an Inbound Marketing strategy to attract students: know the «personality» of your students, and talk like them. You can read a little more about how to know them, in our article: Do you really know your ideal client?

Better means to attract students

Ok, we have a better idea of our true market, but now we have to face the dilemma of not knowing what is the best way to spread our value proposition, because there are many options: spectacular, radio, television, advertising on bicycles, website, social networks, among many many others.

I’m not going to give you the answer of what is the best way to attract students, in Impactum we like to be very objective, so I’ll let you answer some questions so you can draw your own conclusions:

  1. Do you know your cost per prospect? Most of the educational institutions with which I have had the opportunity to talk, do not have the slightest idea of how much each interested student is costing them. Ideally, you should know how much each interested student costs for each of the media you use. You only have to divide the amount that you invest in each medium, among the number of prospects that arrive by this means.
  2. What is your acquisition cost (how much does each student cost)? Here you must divide the total amount you invest in media, among the total number of students enrolled..  

Once this is solved, you must know by yourself which is your most effective advertising medium.

In Impactum we have realized that most educational institutions do Marketing by Tradition, that is, sometimes they only invest in certain media because «it has always been done like this» or because «their competition also did it«. And this usually results in loss of money…

But just think about the following: currently 96% of young people use the Internet (most of them daily), and 86% use social networks; so much to entertain as to be informed. In addition, the AMIPCI  (Mexican Internet Association), published that 51% of Mexican people are connected to the Internet, of which 37% corresponds to people between 19 and 34 years.

Likewise, digital media have the kindness that allows you to measure each stage of the sales funnel, and take timely action to make changes and optimize the results of your investment (which is impossible with traditional media). In the same way that allows us to approach our potential students at the moment they seek us. So, based on numbers, it becomes a very good alternative.

Why use Inbound Marketing to attract students?

According to studies conducted by a US agency (Hubspot), with agencies at the global level, we can rescue two very interesting data regarding an Inbound Marketing strategy against a traditional strategy:

  1. Inbound Marketing allows you to have up to 54% more opportunities for closures
  2. Inbound Marketing allows you to achieve up to 61% less cost per prospect

So if you really want to attract students, you should consider how to start implementing Inbound Marketing in your Educational institution. In summary we can say that it allows you to:

  1. Know your current students better, to attract future students
  2. Measure your sales funnel to optimize your investment and attract students
  3. Reduce the cost of acquisition with the same investment to achieve your goals and attract desired students

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