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How to attract students to a school?

One area of opportunity that all schools tend to present is: How to attract students? and more if it is a new school year. Since having an excellent marketing plan becomes a fundamental aspect. An educational marketing strategy involves attracting the attention of potential students, educating them about what the program offers and eliminating obstacles to enrolling in that institution. The most effective are visible and create a space that promotes interaction (dialogue and exchange of information) between both parties.

Nowadays, there are many methodologies that can apply. In this article you will find the ones that can be adapted to any school and still obtain positive results:

Start your campaign on time

The recruitment of students must begin at least four months before the date of enrollment opening. Do not wait until a week before to start your strategy, if you do not want to lose potential students. So it starts to work actions that help you to be well positioned when the time comes. The first task of the school should be to create active channels of communication with families and students long before starting the registration process.

Establish your ideal client

For example, the objective of your program could be to diversify the student population by attracting students from different cultures or with certain economic characteristics. Start by making a profile of your ideal student, and start by focusing all your marketing efforts towards this profile.

Diversify your services

If within your school you do not have all the facilities of cultural activities that you would like, or your agreements with foreigners are not the best, look for alliances. Communicate with other leaders in the areas you need and try to negotiate a joint alliance and look for a win-win relationship. And once this is done, use it as a potentializer of your marketing strategy.

Identify your value proposition

Know perfectly the most attractive features of your program or school. Identify what problems of your ideal student solve, what extra benefits it brings, what educational objectives you can achieve; what sacrifices or headaches you avoid (tangible and intangible) and how they can get it.

Promote and make unique events

Set a date to organize an event dedicated solely to promote communication between your potential students and you. Put students in contact with managers, teachers, even administrative staff, to create a more complete sense of belonging. And then do not let this communication slow down, continue with social networks, blogs and chats in real time.

Make them visualize

Provide details about several positive aspects of student life in your institution. Includes testimonials from current students, parents and former students. Start selling not only the educational prestige, but also the experience of studying at your institution. All the experiences of which you will be able to be part if the prospect is registered and how they will benefit.

Customize your attention

Personalize your presentations or in-person visits based on the needs of your ideal client and the purpose of the presentation. For example, if your goal is to recruit more students oriented toward a specific career, focus on the outstanding efforts of students already enrolled in that same area made in your educational institution.

Use visual tools

Any presentation or advertising message must be informative, brief and simple. Use more images than text, or you can implement more active tools such as infographics, maps or comparative tables. Invite students to ask or comment, create interactions and collect as much feedback as you can.

Collect all the data

Ask the students their names and contact information. In your web pages, ask them to fill out forms to access certain information. Call or send emails to students to encourage them to consider your program and communicate with you if they need more information, and do not forget you.

Take advantage of word of mouth

And finally, perhaps the best way to attract students to a school is the recommendation of the parents. That is why it is necessary to create a communication program for parents as well. And in case they are bigger students, promote that they share your content.

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