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How SEO leads helps your business grow:

In a growing industry that is always evolving, the digital tools that we use in the marketing business nowadays are capable of knowing exactly what the user is looking for even when they aren’t sure about what they want. This is a priceless business opportunity to put your product or service at the palm of your client’s hand (or keyboard).


How can I get more valuable clients from search engines? Or, how can I get significant leads that can generate closed sales and more profit for my business? Well first, you must know that SEO (a short acronym for Search Engine Optimization), is a marketing technique that involves being recognized as a top player in the search engines and platforms without any budget in the unpaid section.


But, how does the SEO have to do with leads, sales, and growing my business? The digital era and the internet have turned the users to expect to find information and answers to their questions immediately. In a time when we all are in a hurry, we search for the first results that our search engine provides us.


Time is money and in the web environment, this phrase also applies so the search engines work in a way that an automatized software collects data for every site on the world wide web. This artificial intelligence uses a formula that ranks the pages and domains used and seen by the user giving them value regarding the time spent there.  


With that being cleared, SEO practices and algorithms are one of the most changing aspects of all the marketing tools. We just have to look at the constant changes and updates in Panda or Penguin to get that the game in SEO has changed so much that it is important to always be updated about this subject.


Anyway, you may wonder why are we telling you this information that you possibly knew before. You must know that to get SEO leads you need to be aware that any penalization in the process of optimization will affect the performance of your marketing efforts and campaigns.


So, in this article, we’re going to tell you what to do to avoid mistakes, but most importantly you’re going to get some tips about what you can do and how to do it to take advantage of the organic results and turn them into leads for your growing business. 

If your plan consists of making that those SEO leads turn into real buyers the first step you need to do to make functional your strategy is to plan it. An inbound marketing methodology can help you to improve the results in this case. How? We suggest that the strategy in your campaign focuses on the necessities that the possible buyers have. 


How am I going to know this? The buyer persona profile that you define at the beginning of the planning phase is the one that we’re going to use as the standard to fulfill the requirements for all the content that you’ll have to create. This subject will directly affect or benefit the first of the four principles in an inbound marketing strategy


Attract, convert, close and delight are the main phases of the inbound process. All of them have the same importance but the first one will lead to the other ones so you’ll have to get the right and precise information about the general aspects of your campaign.  


When you have the right profile of your prospect then it’s time to get to work, but before starting to create the content you need to analyze the main topic on which your strategy will be based. A helpful tip is one in which you break down the keyword or subject for the secondary and complementary themes and topics.


You must create an organized path that will lead the prospect to identify his problem to make them feel that the product or service that you offer them is the one that they need or look for. Once you have all the content ready you can publish it on your blog or website but the work doesn’t finish here. You can make another content strategy for your social media platforms which will help you to improve the results.


Tips that will support your marketing efforts


  • Get your website mobile responsive

This is an important issue, if the UX sucks, the possible client will leave your website immediately. You need to get a friendly and attractively visual looking site and that will help with the time subject.


  • Improve your website’s speed

As we said before, if a customer is short on time, they won’t be able to wait until their website is successful. Compress the size of videos and photos and optimize with the removal of unnecessary plug-ins and get a reliable web host.


  • Get listed online

Google Business not only will make your website visible in Maps, this will also serve as a summary for your company or business. Reviews are also important because people tend to be influenced by other people’s opinions.


  • Optimize your images

And also get the help of SEO tools that will provide you the best advice with the right maintenance and adjustments.


  • Write awesome meta descriptions

This is a helpful resource because it’s so important that the brief description of what that specific page is about is the first thing that the user will be reading so if the text is persuasive you had won a new visitor to your website.


  • Produce quality content

Create fresh, fun or informative content, whatever the case it is. Make sure that the blog content is relevant and attractive for the people that you plan to get. Don’t forget to write in a way that is easy to read and understand and please don’t forget to get the right grammar and punctuation.


As you can see, growing your business with an inbound marketing strategy and combined with some of the best practices will give you valuable content that will benefit your brand and consider more customers. That is why all companies must get into the techniques that allow them the best results within their websites.


At Impactum, we are interested in helping you achieve your goals online. Now that you know how SEO leads help your business grow, we believe that it is important that you continue to learn about these topics and develop in the best way in the digital world. For this reason, we have created content specially designed for you, we invite you to click on the button «Learn more about the inbound methodology», here you will find more information about this useful digital methodology.

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