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How does an Inbound Marketing funnel work?

A correct Inbound Marketing strategy is based on the creation of specific and valuable content that helps us to guide customers to identify their problems that as a company we must solve. Inbound marketing is a methodology that attracts customers with their own necessities. 


This methodology is directly related to its funnel. First of all let’s talk about the importance of knowing what is an Inbound Marketing Funnel. A Marketing funnel is the guide or road which helps the company to identify the stage or phase in which its target is situated. 


Before we present the main stages of the funnel, it is important to understand that the best way to sell your product or service is by guiding and advising the customer for what is the best for his/her situation, get him/her to know that you are trying to help, not just selling. 


Sometimes it is not just about the product or service itself, the way you try to sell it makes the difference. Let’s see the stages of the Inbound Marketing Funnel. Each stage is specifically structured to offer specific content based on the phase of the customer. 


Below we’ll  talk about the stages of the buyer journey, which are very important to know because they help us at all times. And how the TOFU BOFU MOFU process is part of the burney journey development too.




Attract the ideal customer: 

Represents the first stage of inbound marketing, because the objective of this stage is to attract or persuade customers with content posted in social media or websites to get to know ourselves with them.


In the pull phase, the content is the most important thing. It should be considered what type of information catches the attention of the target audience and the results are the most appropriate formats to disseminate it. Blogs, social networks and search engines are important platforms to attract the ideal audience. 


Above all because they allow inbound marketing to take place naturally, in the sense that customers voluntarily come to you. Search engines like Google are key access points, serving as intermediaries between readers and content.  People make use of these web search engines to acquire particular knowledge. Keywords are important to centralize your content in phrases that your prospects could search for information.


This stage is part of the TOFU of the TOFU MOFU BOFU phases. (Top Of the Funnel) represents the CTA’s (Call To Actions) of your content. These kinds of contents can be infographics, podcasts, videos and webinars. 


Keywords facilitate the search process and allow internet users to access content more directly. The first results that the search engine will give you will be related to the content that it contains as a keyword.  Another important piece of information that a good keyword analysis gives us knows which are the most common words or phrases used by people to carry out a specific search.




Convert visitors in leads

It is the second phase of inbound marketing and its main objective is to transform those visitors and content readers, into sales opportunities or «leads». That is, to bring them closer to the closing process, which culminates in a successful purchase.


At the conversion stage, data collection is vital. After your potential customers are already interested in your content, you must include platforms that allow you to obtain more specific data from them. Forms are an excellent tool to receive information from your visitors. 


What are they called? How old are they? What are your emails? Try to do this by leaving blank boxes in which people can answer these questions with their data. When people decide to provide companies with their data, they already begin to be considered sales opportunities or “leads”. 


That people who have filled out your forms represents a great indicator that they are interested in learning more about your value propositions and are ready to receive information about your products and or services.


But how to connect a blog entry with a form, and in turn, with a product offer? Call to actions (CTA) are buttons found throughout blog entries or social networks, which when clicked, direct traffic from these platforms to purchase or download pages. These pages are called «landing pages”, because they represent that end point of conversion.


Therefore, your CTAs must be contextual, clear, concise and stand out throughout your post. They must contain a message that does not exceed eight words and includes a verb at the beginning, such as: Download this digital marketing ebook for free.


This stage is part of the MOFU of the TOFU MOFU BOFU phases. (Middle  Of the Funnel) represents the CTA’s (Call To Actions) of your content. These kinds of contents can be webinars, case studies, reports, guides, quizzes or email courses. 




Close with a relationship

It is the penultimate stage of inbound marketing. It is one in which you seek to have a 1: 1 relationship with clients to solve and clarify more personal needs. The objective is to transform sales opportunities (leads) into successful purchases (customers).


At the closing stage, customer service is of great importance. In this phase, you need to successfully finalize a purchase, making use of emails and phone calls to generate a much more direct relationship with potential customers.


You must let people know that they can count on your work team if they need to clarify any questions regarding their purchase. Do preliminary research on your prospects before communicating directly with them, generating a friendly and personalized language.


People should feel comfortable talking to your team and with the attention they are receiving. This will ultimately motivate your purchase decision because it unites the three qualities that you are providing: Educational content + good promotions and offers + quality customer service.


This stage is part of the BOFU of the TOFU MOFU BOFU phases. (Bottom Of the Funnel) represents the CTA’s (Call To Actions) of your content. These kinds of contents can be competitive comparisons, testimonials, consultations, demos, free trials, promo codes/discounts, detailed specifications or customers stories. 




Delight the shoppers

It is the fourth and final stage of the inbound marketing methodology. It is about turning customers into promoters of the products and services that the company provides. That is why delighting shoppers should be a primary task when meeting their needs.


In this stage, we generate offers, events, meetings and much more personalized material for them. Make them feel special, make them part of your community of followers, and build a long-term relationship with them. 


Show how important it is for you and your team that they continue to buy and decide on the future of the company. Give them the power to become promoters of your brand and finally, consolidate loyal buyers.


At  Impactum as an inbound marketing agency we’re able to create each of the necessary strategies that you and your company need. We  are specialists in inbound marketing, and we’ve several years of experience that guarantee our knowledge. So be assured that we can help you in the best possible way.

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