How do my clients get my ads online?

Sometimes the fact of starting to implement strategies of attraction on the web, and create ads over the Internet, may seem confusing, because we see reputable companies use this medium and make it seem like something magical and a little complicated to land at the same time. That’s why today I want to explain to you how this magic works behind the advertisements on the Internet, and understand what it is you have to do to yourself as a company so that customers reach us:


1.Define who is your ideal client

If you have already read other of our articles, this is something that we always mention, and that is a «MUST» that you should never forget: the first thing you should know, before designing any strategy of attracting clients (either traditional or in this case, online ads), you should know all the characteristics of your ideal client. What do I mean? because you must be very clear, beyond your demographic data, your psychological profile; that is to say,

  1. how it is used to communicate, so you can know what are the main social networks that this person uses (if applicable)
  2. what are their problems and desires at work, and what are their main concerns that you must solve with your product; which will help you know what phrases they may be searching on Google. In the case of online ads, you MUST do research to find out what are the most wanted phrases

* You can read more in detail about this in our article: «Do you really know your ideal client? [INFOGRAPHIC]



In the case of online ads, it is very important to verify that the phrases that you say your ideal client is what he is searching for on Google! Well, what we want is for you to find us when you put them on Google. This is why you should investigate which are the most wanted phrases. You can do it in Google Trends, where you enter the phrases and Google tells you how much it is searched.

For this I recommend the following:

  1. Use complete sentences: by this I mean that it will not be of any use to you to use the word «car» because it is super ambiguous; You must be very specific, such as «selling red cars for four people of brand X». It is true that you will have fewer impressions, but the ones you have will be of the profile you are looking for and those who click on you will be more likely to be really interested.
  2. Search in all possible ways: try to think like your ideal client, keep in mind the type of language they use and check the percentage of searches, whether you type it abbreviated, put one word before another, use nouns or not, etc.


3.Design your add

Once you have a clear definition of who you are going to, where, and how you should express yourself, you can design your ad online, for this you must take into account the following points:

  1. The text: it must be VERY clear what you do and how you help the client (if possible, in less than 9 words). Use a language with which this person is familiar, the simpler the better; and if possible, use phrases or words that your ideal client is already using, in this way you will feel more identified and it will be easier for them to find you when they search for it on Google.
  2. The design: look for bright colors, but do not distract
  3. The «call to action»: the client must know what is the next step he must take (register, exchange a coupon, share …)
  4. Photos or images: if possible, use images that customers can easily associate with your product or service. These should be high resolution (ie, not look blurry or the famous squares of the pixels) and should not distract the prospective client from what you are promoting.


4.Sparce your ads online

Since you have your ad, you publish it in the corresponding social networks: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Linkedin, etc. In this case, I will give as an example Facebook which is the most popular social network:

  1. You choose your audience: gender, ages, cities, level of studies, among others.
  2. You choose how long your ad will last
  3. Choose your budget

Your prospects will be able to see your ad on their «Timeline» (when they use cell or computer), on the right side of the screen (in case of the computer). As shown in the image. How my ads look on facebook

And in the case of Google, there are two ways you can look like:

  1. Paying: You tell Google what phrases you want your page to appear, and you choose your budget.
  2. Organically: this means that your website manages to position itself among the best because it contains good content (such as a blog, for example).

In the next image, for example, we look for «Travel agencies in slp», where the ones that are in blue are the ones that are paying to Google for appearing there, and the green ones are those that managed to be in the first page of results thanks to the quality of their site:

Once this is done, if you segmented correctly, used the appropriate language and designed a good ad, you will be able to get the attention of your ideal clients and they will surely click on your ads online!

Always remember: it is not that we get the lots of clicks, the goal is that those who click are the profile we seek, because what we want is to sell the and not just to see us.

One tip is that you always try to get the data of those people who were interested in your ad, because they are people who are already looking for what you offer; but that is another story, and you can read about it in our article on Landing Pages as «sales agents».

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