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Follow clients like «The Wolf of Wall Street «

 When talking about sales, there are many factors that we should consider, however, if you ask me, one of the most important, and that very few companies achieve successfully, is the tracking of prospects. Perhaps they manage to arrive with many possible new clients, but how many of them really manage to close? I know there may be many reasons for this question: maybe they are not part of your market, maybe you did not arrive at the right time, but you MAY NOT have closed them by not giving them the correct follow-up (or even a follow-up).

Follow up with clients

The other day, talking to one of our clients, he told us that he had just realized that part of their problem with their sales process was not that people did not get interested in them, but that they were so focused on their tasks. They forgot to follow their prospects and they were nothing more than a question in oblivion. This happens more often than you think (if not that you already felt identified): as entrepreneurs we are so involved in our daily tasks, that we usually get lost in them, forgetting completely that someone had asked for a quote or an appointment.

To avoid the above, I strongly recommend that you develop your own process for tracking clients. Remember that scene from the movie «The Wolf of Wall Street», where Jordan Belfort (Leonardo DiCaprio) shows his new team how to call, all are amazed, and then each of them tries to be all experts. For this is precisely what we must implement in our companies: a process!

The 5 step plan to follow clients 


1. Design your Pitch or sales dialog:

According to the type of client you are trying to reach, you must design a dialogue that communicates the advantages and benefits that you offer, according to their challenges, needs and language.

You should also consider that it is not the same dialogue that you tell a salesperson, a decision maker, or someone who asks you on the street what you do. If you look, this is precisely what they implemented in Wall Street Wolf when talking to someone. You can learn a little more about it in our article to reach your ideal client.

2. Create your strategy to jump intermediaries

Surely you have run into the employee, the secretary or the assistant, who often have orders to give you long so you get bored and give up, and this is where I tell you Do not give up!

Sales are about persistence, do not expect to gain the trust of the other person from the first contact, it is all about a process in which you must provide relevant information that will add value and help you take the next step (meet his boss or give you an appointment).

As they did in Wall Street Wolf when trying to convince someone, it did not matter if it was their client’s wife, they managed to convince them with hard market data.

3. Always answer their questions

Often requests for quotations arrive at us that sometimes we do not value; let me tell you that the simple fact that you respond in the first 5 minutes, increases your chances of converting that prospect, into a client, up to 40% … so the next time you get a quote request, maybe you should attend it as soon as possible, even with a brief message such as «we listen to your needs, we will send your quote as soon as possible», regardless of the means by which it has arrived.

4. Transmit the emotion to the people

If someone is telling you that they have the last wonder of the world, perfect to solve the problem that you have … but it tells you with a monotonous and low tone of voice, and a level of energy on the floor would you believe it? … Well no!

People need to feel that YOU are convinced and excited about what you offer to be able to believe and be interested in it. It is very important that you transmit with your image, your gestures and your voice, that what you offer is valuable for the other; It does not matter if it is a person who is contacted for the first time, or if it is the umpteenth time that you mark, you should not lose enthusiasm.

5. Draw your own sales funnel and analyze

It is clear that of all those people that we contact, only a percentage will become customers. This is why it is extremely important that you have identified each of the stages of your sales process, such as: traffic by digital means, prospects contacted, prospects cited, and closures.

In this way you will be able to know which of your stages has a greater number of people, and thus you will be able to identify which of these is having the most problems:

  • If you have a lot of traffic in digital media, but few conversions to prospects, then the problem may be that you did not segregate well or that you are not transmitting the right message.
  • If you have many prospects and very few closures, it may be that your pitch or sales closing dialogue is not appropriate, that prospects with the correct profile are not arriving or that you are not following up on suitable or relevant clients.

The point is to have real data of what is happening in your sales process to be able to take the appropriate measures and evolve your strategies. If you want to draw your own sales funnel for your company, you can download our template in the banner at the end.

Design your customer tracking plan

Once you have more than twenty follow-up prospects, and you must keep opening new ones, the process of tracking clients becomes a bit complicated, because you start to confuse those you already contacted and who you left to call later; for this I strongly recommend that you investigate a little about marketing automation, which is nothing more than designing a whole flow of emails, which are unleashed according to the actions of the person. This can save you a lot of time in the sales process to continue educating your prospect to become a customer (you can learn more about this, in our article on Marketing Automation).


Also there are some practices that help like:


  • Use the last minutes of your day to gather what happened: who asked you to call them tomorrow and in what part of the funnel they are, in this way you can follow up clients more easily.
  • Once identified, set an hour of contact with the list, so that the next day you do not have time to see who does it, fill it out.
  • Lean on a CRM (Customer Relationship Management): with this customer management system, you will be able to register and know exactly what has happened up today, with your clients and prospects, which will allow you to save time on follow-ups and give a more personalized service and valued by the other person.

As in Wolf of Wall steet, call, call and call! (or contact according to your case), the point is that you do not let go of any sale just because you forgot to contact them again or because you did not give them the importance they deserved. Give it the importance it deserves following clients, register everything that works for you, and modify your areas of opportunity; and remember that sometimes it can be a long process: do not lose your persistence and enthusiasm in the process, and shine in sales!

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