Should I hire a monthly equalization of Marketing and Digital services?

A monthly Equalization of Marketing and Digital Services, do I sing?

More and more companies are finding value in delegating creative functions to teams of professionals, allocating more time and energy to more productive and profitable functions in their own field of business.

This is true, for a very simple reason, sub-delegate this type of tasks, a more specialized team in the field of Marketing allows (as mentioned above), focus on more focused tasks in the main branch of your business … Produce Income.

But what is a monthly equalization of Marketing and the services it offers?

It is a contract of services whereby an external source, in this case a marketing agency, agrees to work a certain number of hours to carry out certain responsibilities or tasks and the client agrees to pay a specified price, for a certain time.

Regarding the services offered, it can be everything related to marketing, whether designing a logo, launching a campaign, making a website, even posting and managing your business’s campaigns and promotions on social networks, your business. This among many other things.

What is the benefit of subcontracting these services externally and not better delegate it to a person of my company?

This is a decision of your own, and more than anything else, you could easily determine, you just have to see the costs of how much you would sapend trainning this person in the subject, the courses you should take, in relation to the functions you want this person to play.

Instead, subcontracting or partnering with a specialized company, not only in Marketing, but itself in digital services. Since all the team is usually multitasking, so to speak, you do not have to talk to a particular person, since all the personnel within the same should be able to resolve any doubt that you could, present.

Digital services are mentioned a lot, but … What are they?

This type of services includes:

Other useful tools are directed towards the logistics that influence decision-making such as:

  • Know how many visits your page has
  • Which campaigns have the best results
  • The campaigns that generate the best results
  • What offers or promotions generate more customers

As we can see they are very useful tools, and we are seeing this very broadly, now imagine, using appropriately some of the tools that have been mentioned so far, to that end adding the support of experts in the subject, who are willing to help you in many more ways, like:

  • Advice
  • Coaching
  • Training for personnel
  • Boards of advances and reports

All in a transparent way, and always thinking about the benefit of the clients, because we are realistic, happy customers and growing businesses, we can only see it in one way ….


Now, with some of this information, after having read a bit of what is mentioned here, ask yourself, would it be worthwhile to hire a monthly Marketing match? Would it be worth getting any of these Digital Services?

But how is the payment scheme of this type of services?

Normally and most conveniently, we can divide the payment in different ways in order to take better advantage of the Digital Marketing service, such as:

  1. By Time: A pre-established rate is set for specific events that can be scheduled, such as: Advisories, Meetings, Personnel Training, etc.
  2. By Project: Normally the ideal method for clients that require few projects or, they are sporadically. For example, for the creation of a logo
  3. Monthly Equalization Plans: These are mainly aimed at clients seeking to sub-contract all or part of their marketing and communication department.

Now, knowing a little more what are the digital services and marketing services that are managed, it could be said that it is worth giving the opportunity to these new ways to grow as a company or as a client, because having better quality and prices than your competition does not make you stand out, the only thing that remains is to know how to take advantage of services and marketing, and exploit them to the fullest, even more in an era where all the information of all is within the reach of a click, let us highlight and show up our products or services, and what better way to do it than with the support of experts, with the desire to help, guide and advise us to meet our business goals.


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