Paid Social Media and Search campaigns

Investing in Paid Adds allows you to reach unkwown customers and speed up your exposure on channels like LinkedIn, Facebook or Google Adds, at a cost per click or an explicit cost of your budget. Methodologies like Inbound marketing allow you to optimize your Paid Adds investment by reaching your ideal customer directly through value content that guides them on their Buyers Journey

We make the people who need your services find you

Inbound marketing allows those who are really interested in your services to find you in search engines like Google, Bing or Yahoo, preventing them from perceive your advertising as invasive, you can attract potential customers to content that helps them and position you as a reliable source to through your Paid Adds, while guiding them on their buyers journey until they become customers, feeling accompanied and advised by a good friend.



Attract all those who have an interest in your product or industry through valuable content for them to help solve a problem or need.


Those who have their eyes on your brand start to consider it when they need the product or service you offer, making you their first choice.



Those who started without knowing your brand have advanced in their buyer journey to become your customers, being satisfied with the accompaniment you have given them, making them possible sponsors of your brand.

Meet our client

At Impactum we are faithful believers that knowing customers brings great value to everything we do, this way we can know more about their processes, products or services that characterize them and be able to provide them with an experience that exceeds their expectations.

Objective planning

By planning goals we ensure that everything you want to achieve translates into specific strategies for your company and our team, so carrying out a correct planning with specific, measurable, achievable and relevant actions is essential for the correct performance of any campaign.

Proper segmentation

Knowing your ideal customers is a fundamental part of the process, this way all campaigns will be aimed at those who show a profile similar to that of your current consumers, whether in age, location, tastes, aspirations etc., since this allows to generate leads of better quality.

Campaign creation

The message you want to convey is paramount, what do you want to share with your audience?, whether you need a recognition, consideration or conversion campaign, it’s important to define the message, budget, and other graphic elements when launching your campaign.

Measuring efforts and conversions

Launching a campaign isn’t everything, it’s necessary to carry out an analysis and measurement of efforts to carry out a continuous improvement that allows the current campaign and future campaigns to get a favorable performance for you and your company.

Impactum has always shown itself more as a business partner than as a supplier since they are able to react immediately to any need that arises in our company, which by having as a star product a service that is in a vulnerable position to changes Based on official regulations before the law, we need to generate immediate changes in the way we communicate, the use of certain words and even certain strategies from one day to the next one.


Marketing Director, Grupo CyH


Lead Growth


Increase in organic visits

Closed business grew


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