Improve your Commercial Department with CRM and SMARKETING (Sales + Marketing)

Take control of the KPIS (key performance indicator) of your marketing and sales team, our methodology uses one of the best CRM (Customer relationship management) specialized in being able to streamline your sales pipeline (sales funnel) to be able to generate value in each stage of your commercial process and reduce your CAC (customer acquisition cost) in a scalable way.

Optimize your Marketing and Sales department

Forget about commercial campaigns that do not generate value, we will increase your sales through the development of Buyer Persona (ideal client) to be able to align it with your marketing efforts, speeding up the sales work of your team, reducing the time and cost per customer acquisition and over You will all have control and measurement of the performance of your team.

Buyer Persona

By taking prospects knowing their Buyer Journey and defining a commercial process aligned based on the experience of your marketing and sales team, through this strategy the departments will be able to reduce the effort of your commercial funnel.


Define an ANS (service level agreement) and be able to implement it in your CRM, you will know the specific needs of your buyer person, you will be able to customize your sales tasks in a fast and efficient way.


You will have the complete overview of the KPIS of each department, remember that you cannot improve what you cannot measure, and we will establish strategies to directly attack those areas of opportunity.

Know your ideal client

Buyer Persona and Buyer Journey Workshop – knowing your ideal client is the basis of being able to align the efforts of both departments. If we are clear about the client’s needs and goals and how they make the decision, it will be much easier to generate winning strategies. In our workshop under the Design thinking methodology you will discover it.

Optimization of your business process

We will define the processes of your sales pipeline based on your requirements, what is needed for marketing to qualify a Lead (follower) suitable to sell to you? And on the other hand, what does the Lead need to achieve to be qualified to buy? Forget about processes that do not add value to your customers or followers.


Our tool will allow you to customize sales or marketing efforts based on the specific needs of each of your clients. We add value to each stage of your sales funnel achieving a scalable increase in your ROI, “Sell only to those who want to be sold”


Our methodology allows you to be able to have in real time the progress of your sales or marketing team, “We know that what cannot be measured cannot be improved”. You will know the performance of each agent and we will be able to locate areas of opportunity to lead to constant improvement.

Thanks to Impactum we have a CRM that allows us to organize the workloads of our sales team and see their results every week or earlier. Today we can measure many more things in our business process and with much better accuracy, we know the key stages that our prospects have to go through and we know the efficiency percentages of each stage, which allows us to estimate our growth much better.

Lina Carbajal Velázquez

Marketing Director, Cuauhtémoc University


Increase in sales per salesman


Improvement in Lead conversion


Organic traffic increase


Access an instant and free diagnosis on your current strategy of your commercial process, answer a short survey and we will send you a diagnosis with the most important strategies that you should consider to optimize your sales and marketing departments.

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