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Effective Sales Calls [Tips]

Call hours, unanswered calls, wrong numbers

In B2B companies it is a less frequent problem but if you call B2C it is usually a problem and a very big waste of time the number of people who do not answer you, besides that if you are in charge of the whole sales process you will have a much lower productivity, you will do on a productive day of 8 hours on average 30 contacts. On the other hand, if you specialize the tasks to people who only dedicate themselves to calling or delegating it to a call center or a company that is dedicated to profiling prospects, you can do between 400 and 600 contacts per day.

Also take into account the statistics of the hours that people answer the most and the attempts you need to make so that most of them answer:

According to this infographic based on a study by Harvard University, the best days to contact people are Wednesdays and Thursdays while the best hours are at 4PM, 5PM and 8AM respectively.

In addition to a prospect is more likely to answer in the first 5 minutes up to 400% more than if you wait half an hour to call and if you do not contact you must make at least 6 attempts to connect with 90% of your prospects, one less attempt and you’ll see yourself contacting less than 70%.

Late response to prospects

More and more companies are investing in an effective generation of prospects, investing in Google Adwords, Facebook Ads, optimization of their sites etc, only so that at the end of the day the prospects that we generate with this investment have to wait 24 to 48 hours to be contacted and only between 45% and 50% are effectively contacted because the representatives only try to call them on average 4 times.

It is important to note that no matter how enthusiastic a prospect is, they cool very quickly, the response time to the prospects must be measured in minutes or hours and not in days.

If you contact a prospect in the first 5 minutes that he requests information you increase your chances of closing 21 times, compared to if you wait 30 minutes, then how important do you think it is to contact them as soon as possible for your success?

Bad training, coaching and mentoring

Training is something that they give you, learning is the part where you execute, then companies must offer a complete training that gives security and the necessary tools to their representatives.

The coaching approach presents an alternative to traditional training, the coach does not arrive with his students, he presents them with a lesson and hopes that they will generate results, it is a team work where there is constant feedback, the coach spends time observing the performance of the individual but also the team constantly feeding back and looking for new ways to improve their individual skills, performance and team cohesion.

Bad processes in the handling of the prospects

A prospect management process is usually similar to this:

  1. The prospect leaves his data on the company’s site.
  2. The administrator of the page receives the contact and sends it to the manager of the sales department.
  3. The sales director receives the contact and sends it to one of the advisors.
  4. The advisor receives the contact and after trying to call it 3 or 4 times, it passes it to the «others» folder.

This process usually takes 48 to 72 hours since the prospect left their data until they try to contact you for the first time, more than enough time for the prospect to forget that they asked for information or that the competition calls and closes deal with them.

This is one of the most forgotten processes since it is like a «gray area» between the sales and marketing departments, neither of which wants to take responsibility for the handling of leads. Usually sales complain that «marketing sends bad prospects» and marketing complains that «sales do not follow up on the prospects that it sends» and neither of them takes responsibility.

The best way to eliminate this obstacle with minimal effort is to automate the process, there are many systems that allow you to achieve this and you will find an increase in the overall productivity of your sales.

Bad processes in the handling of sales

This is where the CRM system comes in, a study indicates that having a defined process and a CRM system that helps you organize it increases net sales by 17%.

An effective CRM must solve specific problems of sales representatives such as making it easier for them to keep organized themselves, with their colleagues and keep the promises and commitments made to customers.

On the other hand, it is important that you define an effective sales process, a process of selling a B2B usually has the following stages:

  1. Introduction
  2. Qualification
  3. Demonstration
  4. Proposal
  5. Management of objetions
  6. Closing
  7. Tracing

It is extremely important that you analyze and formalize your sales process, invest time and money in the process and technology. Discuss and document exactly what should be said, learned and documented in each part of the process.

Do not recognize the victories and the defeats

If you win or lose a contact, it is important to know why this happened; otherwise it will be very difficult to improve your results and you will be wasting time going blind with the rest of your databases.

This point covers from the first contact you have with the person, until your contact is closed, and it is very simple to solve it, you should only determine from 5 to 10 key indicators that you should measure to know if your strategy is working or not. This will also help you make small variations to know if these affect your results positively or negatively, and find new ways to increase the results in your strategy.

These indicators might be:

  • People contacted by calls
    • Count: times you call each one, appointments made, appointments attended, demonstrations, proposals, closures
    • Percentages of: how many appointments are organized, how many attend appointments, how many proposals close, etc.
    • Account for: call, contact, demonstrations, closures
  • Earnings
    • New earnings of the month, losses of the month, earned by representative …
  • The reasons (through interviews or surveys):
    • The main reasons why people answer, schedule appointments, buy, stop buying
  • The best accounts
  • The best representatives

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