Educational Marketing Strategies that generate inscriptions

In Impactum we believe that digital marketing is the educational advertising strategy that has the best relation in terms of cost / benefit. That is to say, the effectiveness that you can obtain with this type of media for a certain amount of money is much greater than what you could obtain with the same amount of money invested in invasive media. According to HubSpot data; leading agency of Inbound Marketing, the digital marketing allows you to achieve up to 61% less cost per prospect.

As a consequence of this, developing a good advertising strategy in digital media is the key to generate more registrations; in the educational market. And many people can have their opinions about it. That is why this article proposes a simple start plan to improve your educational marketing strategies to create more efficient digital campaigns.

There are four basic steps that every marketing plan should have according to the expert in social networks, Vilma Núnez; to attract more customers, in this case the students in a successfull way.

1. Use your best presentation

In this step, the most important thing is to present who you are and what you do; detail your services and exalt your highest qualities so that the possible student sees you as the best option. Remember that a lot of this is a matter of perceptions. So do not try to close the deal at the first opportunity; It is better if you start by exposing to what kind of needs you can give a solution or how you can help your students find the ideal school for them.

With this you will be able to hook more students without frightening or pushing them too much, creating a positive effect on the number of enrollments of your school year. Because they are only getting to know each other, there is no compromise and finally you just want to be easily distinguished and be an option for them.

2. Make a general advertising proposal

Present the objectives of the campaign as:

  • increase the number of registrations,
  • increase followers or traffic on the website,
  • publicize a new educational model
  • among other…

Then establishe the means to achieve these objectives. So it is not enough to want a digital educational marketing pla.; The tools to be used must also be defined, such as blogs, landing pages, e-mail marketing campaigns, videos, etc. The important thing here is to have several channels and in the future we can compare them to know which one works best for your institution and you can have a better audience reach at an effective cost.

3. Trust the experts

If as general manager, you do not know perfectly the world of educational marketing; entrust the task to an expert and focus your efforts on project management, not execution. In this way, the most recommended is to develop a plan of how the different media of the campaign will be administered over time. Mention the main actions divided by strategy, for example those that relate to bloggers, those that have to do with Google advertising, promotions, the creation of specialized content, etc. and delegate each of them to a specialist or community manager within your institution.

With this segmentation of tasks by specialties, we assure you that generating registrations in the short term, will no longer be a problem for your institution. And the long term, it will be the best source of income.

4. Plan a smart budget

Once the previous steps have been established, it is necessary to present the cost of each service so that there is no confusion in future accounts. Divide the costs by months, as if it were a salary so that the brands know that the longer a campaign lasts the investment will also be greater, but the better return on the investment will have.

The evaluation of the effectiveness of media spending may seem difficult, if an adequate record of them is not kept. Since most institutions do not ask their students, what medium was the one that convinced them to enter. However, it is always recommended to have the cost of student acquisition, updated and as low as possible, to be profitable.

Finally, according to Entrepreneur, micro and small businesses invest in advertising less than 1% of their turnover, while large companies spend between 6% and 18%, and one of the reasons why this happens is because they decide to depend completely in the clients that already have and in their recommendations, that is, in the word of mouth. So if your goal is to increase the number of enrolled in your institution, apply these simple steps and start to get the results you always dreamed of.

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