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Do you really know your ideal client? [INFOGRAPHIC]

If you have been asked «what is your market?» And you answer something similar to «my product (service) is for everyone», or «there is no specific profile for my ideal client» … you must consider very seriously a pause and begin to evaluate. Which brings us to the following:

Do you really know your ideal client?

There is a methodology called Buyer Persona(buyer), whose objective is to obtain a repeatable profile of our ideal client, in order to create intelligent and effective strategies based on the client.

Buyer Persona consists of giving name and personality to our target market (or ideal client). According to the methodology, you should know 4 areas of your ideal client, and these should be based on real events, that is, you should answer each area according to what you have faced with your clients and current prospects.

These areas are:

  1. Who is your ideal client? where do you define their gender (is it a man or a woman?); the labor information (in what work and in what position ?, how much time do they have in the same job and how much do they earn?); their personal information (do they have a partner and children? Do they have their own home in the capital?); and its characteristic features (how do they like to be contacted? Is it a restless person or do they prefer to be in the office?)
  2. What does your ideal client need? where we define their goals and personal or work challenges (depending on what their company does) and according to this, we can have a better focus on how we can help them.
  3. Speak the same language as your ideal client: ask what their experiences have been up to now trying to solve their problems and / or carry their goals. This will give you an overview of what they liked and bothered about other products or services (whether their company or their competition). You should pay close attention to both the essence of their stories and the language thei use, as this will help you define your own advertising message: what to say, how to say it, and by what means to say it.

Now that you know this, pause and define the people (or ideal clients) of your company. I assure you that if you do it right, you will be surprised with the results you get, because it will be easier to connect with your target market, which is reflected in visits, prospects, and very important: in sales.

Start creating more friendly marketing strategies, use Customer Centered Marketing (Inbound Marketing), and provide relevant information for your people in each of the stages of the purchase process. For now I give you this infographic that can serve as a basis for you to implement it in your company.

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