Difference between inbound marketing and digital marketing

If you are considering a new marketing strategy through digital media and lately you have heard about inbound marketing, but you are still not so sure of what it is and what it can do for a company, We will tell you in simple points the differences between one and the other.


Inbound marketing

Digital Marketing 

It’a a a methodology and unlike traditional marketing, it tries to align the marketing and sales department; all focused on the goal of reaching your final client.

Digital Marketing is a set of tools that, although they can work together, may not have a common objective aligned with the manager’s «expertise».

Follow strategies with aggressive and well-founded business objectives with in-depth prior research on your client and goals.

It serves to «refresh the brand». Change your website, publish on social networks and this kind of actions to «remind your customers that you exist» and do what everyone does.

Long-term results but quite strong. 

Immediate but equally ephemeral results.

If your target market makes informed purchases or your sales are usually B2B it works very well with inbound marketing, because of its quality of being educative and about tracing a clear route with actions in each step.

Momentum purchases work best with traditional digital marketing.


Do you want to know more about inbound marketing?  ¡Read the following post where we will tell you the advantages and disadvantages of doing inbound marketing in-house or hiring an agency!

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