Difference between web platform, web page and apps

When we talk about a web platform, there are times when we give some things for granted and mention them to our clients without knowing if they really know what we are talking about, this is a simple guide to guide you in the world of web technologies.


It is a web document designed for different browsers, you can in this as a page of a book or magazine, it is a single document that is represented by your browser.




A website is made up of one or more web pages, for example the website can be http://example.com, while its pages would be http://example.com/contact, http://example.com/ about_, etc. You can think of a website as if it were a book. With the first page as a guide for the rest of the site, this is why general is called «index» ex. http://example.com/index.html; this page also usually receives the name of «Landing page».

A responsive website is simply one that is able to adapt the information displayed to the user’s screen whether it is on a smartphone, a tablet or a computer.

One Pagers

There are certain types of sites that are formed by a single page, these are known as «OnePage», the main advantage is that you can summarize all the information, make your users lose less, in addition to reducing the time it takes to load and it is easier to optimize SEO, since only one time is required to be done.


A Web application is a kind of website that gives functionality beyond showing only information, where some user interaction is included such as uploading their information or files, editing a document, filling out a form, or showing statistics of some process, etc.

Movile App:

They are applications designed to run on mobile devices as well as smartphones and tablets, these are usually downloaded through a distribution platform, such as: AppStore for Apple devices and PlayStore for devices that include Android as their Operating System.

There are currently 2 types of mobile applications, those that run directly on the device and whose experience is similar to the rest of the applications that can be found on it, are called Native. Those that are accessed from the browser but adapted to the screen are still Web Applications, however these can be «packaged» and distributed by the application stores and are known as Hybrids.

Web Platform:

A web platform usually consists of the Web Application, Mobile Applications and the communication between this and other external services. In addition to a more complete integration between each of the elements that comprise it.


What does my business needs?

– If your intention is only to inform about your business, products or services, it is enough to have a Website, either with different sections and categories or to gather all the information in a single page (onepager).

– If your intention is that your customers can have some interaction with the information you provide, as well as buy online (e-commerce), receive statistical data of their business or simply provide the ability to search your catalog, what you need is a Web Application. Some businesses launch mobile applications for this type of situation, but depending on the size of the business, it is sometimes counterproductive since much more is invested and the probability that it is downloaded by customers is lower.

– If your intention is to automate processes, your customers can synchronize their actions through different devices, add some functionality to your service or integrate with other business services, what you need is a web platform.

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