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Where you should start to create your web page [Programmer’s point of view]


The most important thing is always to be clear about the purpose of your page or website, if this will only be to provide information about your business, or if it will involve a more advanced degree of interaction, for this it is advisable to understand the difference between: web, web page or web platform.


Regardless of what type of web system is occupied, it will be necessary to contemplate certain requirements as well as the domain name and the hosting that will be where the system resides. Some suppliers offer all this together to make it easier for the client to work, however this is not always recommended. If you decide to configure with external services you must take into account the hosting in addition to the domain, it is also possible to use services such as storage and database externally to have more control over the site.


This is the name that will appear on the navigation bar, as well as: example.com, it is necessary to define an extension such as «.com» or one that may be more convenient to the website, such as: .com.mx, .co, .biz, .mx, etc. A service that can help define this name is Namechk


The term server is often used interchangeably to refer to the physical equipment that while connected to the network, responds to requests sent by the browser and any of the programs that are running within any of these machines. To avoid this confusion of terms, this article will refer to a Server as the Program dedicated to answering customer requests, and as «Client» referring to the program that issues such requests, in the case of the web page in the browser .


  • Shared:This type of hosting is usually the most economical, since it is shared with other clients within the same machine, however it may be limited in its capabilities, without the user being able to modify things such as the operating system, users and passwords of the system or the installed programs. It should also be noted that in the case of computer security, this type of hosting can represent a risk, because if an attacker acquires access to the file system through one of the sites that share the hosting may also be able to acquire possession of the rest of the system and all the sites hosted in the same place.  
  • VPS (Virtual Private Server): Currently there is the possibility of running programs on a machine capable of «emulating» a different system
    When installed with the advantages of being able to install programs and perform different activities without them coming into conflict with other systems that share the same machine, another advantage is that resources are shared such as bandwidth, RAM, and the processor, so when a system is not using them they can be used by another and so the provider can have more effective costs, which allows him to offer his services more accessible to the consumer.
  • Physical or dedicated: Finally, the dedicated hosting, is one that is composed of physical parts, whether they are located in the same company that provides the service or that one acquires it on their own and installs it manually in their place of work, the main one advantage is that you can choose the hardware components that make up the equipment and this will allow you to have more control over what you want. Although at present it is not very common to use a dedicated hosting for a single person unless it is a more complex system or application, which in any case usually run in «clusters» or physical equipment that virtually achieve a greater capacity when processing the data in parallel. This type of services is usually the most expensive.


This is a type of server that is responsible for managing the data of some other application, this data can be things like users, inventory, purchase orders, etc. Some providers already include the use of the database within the cost to develop the site, so that the consumer does not have to complicate the configuration, however if this requires a greater response capacity or advanced searches, it is likely to require of an external service.


This is another type of server, like the database but unlike it, instead of storing data, it is responsible for storing files such as photos, videos, documents, etc. And as with the database, some providers also usually include it and it is possible to configure an external service to improve the response capacity.

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