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Contract sales agents online (Landing pages)

Hire sales agents over the Internet. Use Landing Pages

When reading the headline of this article you probably thought that by «internet sales agents» we refer to real people, but it is just the opposite, we refer to the famous Landing Page or Microsites, whose reason for being is, if your Web page does not sell, increase your sales, and how is this achieved? These Microsites are in charge of increasing your number of leads (people interested in what you offer as a company), to then work until they become loyal customers.

Let’s start with what they are, according to our friends of Merca 2.0 a Landing Page is «a landing page or destination web through which users and visitors arrive after clicking on a promotional banner, ad, article or image of an email marketing campaign«.

Some advantages of these are that you can collect data from your future clients and monitor the behavior of your Landing Page to see if it is effective or not. Which brings us to another extremely useful feature: through these you can perform «Test A / B» experiments in which you can know what design, words and message are appropriate and that allow you to obtain a greater number of prospects or people who are willing to leave your information and / or buy your product.

Now, what characteristics should your Landing Page have so that it can help you sell your website?


  • Focused on the client

As entrepreneurs, we must always keep in mind that we no longer live in an era focused on companies and production, but on the contrary, we live in a world in which «the center of the universe» is the client. Nowadays, if companies want to be successful, they must first know perfectly the profile of their client, and above all, know what their needs or problems are and make the product or service solve these needs.

It is the same scenario with the Landing Pages, they are a very useful tool that allows to increase the conversion rate of visitors to prospects, but if from the beginning the right message is not transmitted clearly to the correct audience, it is of no use.

If you want to know more about this topic and you want to make sure that your client’s profile is what you believe, I invite you to read the Blog. You really know your ideal client


  • The title

This must be direct and has to capture the attention of your customers, there are Landing Pages in which you put the name of the product / service in the title, however it is more advisable to put an attribute or the problem that will be solving the client with the product. In this way you guarantee to captivate people’s attention and increase the possibility of them leaving their data.


  • Avoid vanishing points

The content must be concise and direct to the point, you must communicate to people in a few words the need that you will solve them, and align your product or service with this need.

Avoid vanishing points, that is, do not put additional information such as your product catalog, the mission of the company or the link of your Web page. This is not recommended because what it causes is losing the attention of your prospects with so much information. The reason why the Landing Page is more effective is because they communicate in a few words the offer of value, that means, what they are interested in and are looking to buy.


  • Friendly design

Like the text, the design should be visually friendly and attractive, just put a background image of the main idea of the product or service.

  • Call to Action

This is the most important and vital part, in your Landing Page you have to ensure that there is a Call to Action, and what is this?, is when you invite your future customers to take any action through your Microsite, in a few words, you encourage them to leave their data for more information or even to buy your product.

It is enough to put a brief form in which people leave their mail and name. Next I will show you an example:


You could say that the Call to Action is «the test of fire» of your product, this is because if people are willing to leave their data means that you are offering something of interest to them.

  • Testimonials

Citing testimonials from a client demonstrating the effectiveness of your product and ensuring that it was what he was looking for, since it has helped him solve some problem or need that he had, can help to generate reliability.

It is convenient to put them on the bottom, or after you have already made clear the attributes of what you offer.


  • Thank you page

The thank-you page is a pop-up page that appears once the person has left their information. This is to thank for their interest and time, also fulfills the function of assuring people that their data has been sent correctly.

The design of this also has to be basic, just enough to put a friendly background design and a few words of thanks.

I hope that this brief introduction to the Landing Page has served you and you can apply it to your business to be able to sell for your web page with greater efficiency.

I leave you finally some examples of a Landing Page of our Hubspot friends

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